Live at the Blue House

This evening, friday 15th, we stream live from the Blue House on IJburg.
Welcome to Radio Ruisriet m2m

With full report on the solidarity demo at the prison boat in Rotterdam.

Conversations with Schiphol people. Sakho and Babak How can you travel to your home country? Like Afghanistan or Senegal? With or without passport. What use is a travel document from Holland?

Let us make a monument for the Schiphol People. Hear here!
On the phone with Agury in Delfzijl, Mahmoud in Den Dolder, Noury in Nijmegen.
Agury needs a house in Groningen. Like George Kvantreshvili needs a house in Utrecht.

Back in the Blue House, February 8th

We brought our new PC and installed it in the new safe cupboard that Jasper made for Radio M2M. Muppy is making everything work.
Papa Sakho is not here this time, because he went to Nijmegen to celebrate Kakha’s birthday. Congratulations!
And we announce the demonstration at the bajesboot in Rotterdam. A man from Alegria, his name could be Karim, died in thew night of 2-3 February. He was ill and did not get the medical treatment he needed. His companions called for hours for help. But he was found two hours after he died.


So come to Rotterdam on Sunday the 10th at 5 pm and make some noise!

Music trip to Africa and elsewhere

From our testlab we stream tonight, with pilot Papa Sakho exploring myspace.comAgirl in Senegal
We go Senegal: Senegal Acoustic, Djibril Ndiaye Rose.
We go Gambia: Afro Beat
We go Balkan: Fanfare La Panika
Benito Blanquaert called me to tell me the fanfare has produced their first CD, Afan Toufan.
Unfortunately we could not call him, because the skype did not work.
On Sunday you can enjoy the band live in Gand, Gent. They play at Dambert for its 30th anniversary!

thanks to Peter du Prez van het Useum

 Sounds from Senegal