Rapping in the Blue House

Ik kom andere shit voor je brengen!

Live from 4 pm: producing a rap representing IJburg, with the crew of Graciano and Delarick‘s mobile studio.

A. Romz “Nooit eenmans is het matten in de Family”
B. Omar.B “Op papier ben ik de beste, dus ik lees jou de les”
C. Ella “Rechtstreeks uit mijn stad. IJburg chap ‘t is geen grap. Bang dat ik je hart nak”
D. Byron “De boys zijn back”
E. Ismael “Ik ben hier komen wonen. IJburg, het Nederlandse paradijs in mijn dromen”
F. Kevin “Ik hoef me niet te bewijzen. Ik ben een man van mijn woord”
G. Romz free style “Boze gezichten, geen Blijburg”
H. Clarence “En als je in ons buurt komt, we maken geen grap, want wij zijn 1 family”

Eerste Mix:

The beat

Good snowy Friday

Introducing rap workshop in the Blue House.
Next week live from 16 o clock!

Update on Radio Free Tibet. Met Tsering Tsomo.
n.b. Sunday 30 March Tibetan prying in Tibetan restaurant on Lange Niezel in Amsterdam

Joke Kaviaar: hongerstaker Mohamed Boumedine gaat 6e week in.
En er is weer een dode op de bajesboot,meldt hij.
Kleur bekenden: Radicale demo tegen racisme aangevoerd door Tibetaanse Yeti!
Nota bene: zaterdag 29 maart bezoek aan bajesboten van Rotterdam en Dordrecht!


en…Wat doet die Elias Tieleman eigenlijk op IJburg? Hoor hier

Senegalese squatters in Madrid, registered by police. Report in Spanish.
Amin and Papa Sakho translate and comment.

live internet radio from 19 o clock at http://radio.dyne.org

Radio Free Tibet

On the occasion of the day of the deportation of the Dalai Lama, an uprising has started in Tibet. Or maybe a day later. We welcome Tsering Tsomo, of the Tibetan Community in Holland*, to tell us all about Tibet. Tibet

His holiness speaks

A visit to the site

Your favourite Tibetan disco song

National Anthem

and don forget the powerful song

Om solidariteit met de Tibetanen te betonen, organiseren International Campaign for Tibet Europe, de Tibet Support Groep Nederland en de Tibetaanse Gemeenschap in Nederland aanstaande zondag 16 maart een demonstratie bij de Chinese ambassade in Den Haag.

Plaats: Chinese Ambassade, Adriaan Goekooplaan 7, Den Haag Tijd: zondag 16 maart, 11.00 – 12.30 uur
Check this:

And we welcome Frida and friends from the first floor of the Blue House.

*please note: Stichting Tibetaanse Gemeenschap is open to everyone, regardless of race, ancestry, colour, creed, place of origin, citizenship, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, ability, income, political affiliation, criminal record or level of literacy.

Radio Teranga

Teranga is the word for hospitality in Senegal. It is a tradition to receive strangers with an open face and an open door. You give the stranger company, food and a place to sleep. And when he stays a piece of land or a house and a wife too! Sakho introduces you to the world of Teranga. We called his wife Martine, to hear how it works. In French!
Ask anybody from Senegal about hospitality and you will hear the word Teranga.
Teranga is the word in Wolof for hospitality or welcome in Senegal. Like Papa Sakho. His official name is Cheikh Sakho. Papa is teranga: his heart open to others. It is a tradition to receive strangers with an open face and an open door. You give the stranger company, food and a place to sleep. And when he stays you could offer him a piece of land or a house and a wife too! You exhange humanity without expecting anything in return. You ask his wife Martine and she tells you how one day a stranger came to them. He was from a village and lost in the city. They received and fed him, and finally Martine sleapt on the floor, while the man joined Sakho in the matrimonial bed.
You do what you can to make the other feel comfortable in an unknown territory, at home you might say. Basically you give or share what you have. A legendary example is the “griot” (traditional singer) Samba Diop Lele, a Toutcouleur. His people liked him so much, that they gave him everything they had. And when they had nothing left they could cut off their own ear and hand it to him.

Radio M2M wants to be the ear that we lend to all those who believe in teranga, and to those that are denied hospitality. RadioM2M wants to be teranga.

Mohamed Boumedine is in the fourth week of his hunger strike. He is a prisoner for no reason. Only he has no proper documents. He is being moved from one jail to the other. He protested on the prison boat in Rotterdam after his friend died there in february. After the protests he was put in isolation with no food or care. Then to the hospital and then to Schiphol Oost and then to the new detention center in Alphen aan de Rijn. Inge tells the story.
Zie http://www.vrijheidvanbeweging.nl