Where we are not

Recordings from the literary festival The Free Word in Amsterdam’s Public Library.

Poetry introduced by Pieter Sjoerd van Koningsveld:
Khazal Al Majidi (Iraq, Holland) Arabic
Al Galidi (Irak, Nederland) Dutch
Amjad Nasser (Jordania, England) Arabic

Songs by Klaske Oenema
Sometimes when I’m walking
If you live your life right
Wind is coming in
I was waiting for her

Where we are not
by Lina Issa and Aitana Cordero
As a student from Lebanon Lina has been denied her residence permit for The Netherlands for strictly bureaucratic reasons. Since she appealed against this decision she has not been able to leave The Netherlands and re-enter the country.
Not being able to travel home herself, she cast a replacement and sent Aitana, a Spanish dancer and choreographer, to Lebanon for ten days as her stand-in, messenger and recording device. She visited different people – Lina’s family and friends – and traced the places of her memory and what constitutes the idea of ‘home’ for her. Aitana performs a lot of tasks that Lina gave her in a hand written notebook and herself wrote impressions and experiences in a notebook.
Where we are not is a narrative of exchange between two women, bringing forth their differences. What they exchange are not only ‘subjective’ differences, but also the reality of inhabiting extremely different political spaces.

Where we are not

“Tu eres un Senegalais of not?” Spanish, Wolof

On the phone with Serigne Modou in Jaen, Spain. What happened with the hungerstrike of detained migrants that started in February.
Hablamos con Serigne Modou, portavoz de los migrantes detenidos en huelga de hambre. En Jaen, Espana.

Space Invaders

On April the 11th the Tekenschool (part of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam / Hobbemakade) was squatted. Pascal made this radio report.
Invaded Space in Amsterdam
from the manifesto:
“In whatever shape the struggle for autonomous spaces manifests itself, these spaces are a refuge for rebels and outlaws, poor and homeless people, radical activists, illegalized people and anyone who refuses to play along in the capitalist game.”

Fighting for life, food and expression

IJBURG Bang voor een vreemde man die op je vader lijkt

Zara en Zerin wonen op de IJburglaan en kwamen vanavond het Blauwe Huis binnenwandelen met hun vader en moeder. That was fun! En ze vertelden een spannend verhaal. En ze zongen samen een lied over de ZON en de MAAN. Zelf gemaakt en ze wonnen er de grote prijs van IJburg mee!

: DIE-IN in Ministry of Justice (see below)

laatste nieuws:
Mohamed Boumedines bewaring is opgeheven! Dat is ingegaan om half 5 vanmiddag, vertelde zijn advocaat. Het is maar de vraag of hij vandaag nog vrij komt, maar in elk geval een dezer dagen.
De rechter is gezwicht voor de verklaring, die de vertrouwensarts heeft bijgevoegd.
Die vertrouwensarts werd overigens alleen in Schiphol-Oost toegelaten; Alphen aan den Rijn weigerde hem binnen te laten.

Groeten van Inge

Lees over de hongerstaking op vrijheid van beweging

SPAIN: Undocumented migrants on hungerstrike against inhuman treatment in prison. reports in Spanish

IRAK: Alive in Bagdad

Last Monday Brian Conley visited Amsterdam to tell us about the project Alive in Bagdad.
This project gives ordinary Iraqis the chance to produce video reports on their daily reality in Bagdad. They send their material with DHL to Damascus or even to the US, where they edit the material and put the films on the internet. Every week a new film, to be seen on the web site www.AliveInBagdad.org

In Amsterdam is a similar project called Streamtime, so there was good reason to have a conversation between Brian Conley of AliveInbagdad and Jo van der Spek of Streamtime.
More about streamtime on linux.com


Video from Cairo
Arabic Blog from Cairo