Memorial for Mike Osei Oct. 4th

Dear all,

Find attached an invitation for two activities upcoming weekend at Ganzenhoef, Amsterdam organized by Solidarity Fund XminusY and African Roots Movements.

We hope that many of you will join us for the public event on Saturday in remembrance of Mike Osei, and participate in the workshop the Sunday following. The weekend will have as focus police repression in migrant communities and self-organized police and racism monitoring. The workshop on Sunday will be provided by the Newham Monitoring Project from London – See .

For further questions see the contacts on the invitation or ask me. We would appreciate it if you would let us know in advance if you want to take part in the workshop, so that we will have an idea of the number of participants.

Roy Pullens
XminusY / All included mike_memorial_4-oct

Transactions and connections


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Joke reports on strange vistors to Architects Agency EGM, experts in designing prisons for undocumented migrants.

Ontbijt met Grensgevallen. Breakfast with “Borderliners”, those who don’t get general pardon, because they left the country for some days. It sounds like a funny story. But it’s  killing 2.450 peoples future.

Ferdous calls her cousin Azaher at home in Bangladesh. He is a graphic artist. (Bangla and English)

Radio Teranga

Alo Kinshasa, Steve reports on the political crisis in Congo, after the resignation of the prime minister. (French). And the plight of women in DRC? Teacher Mme Judithe gives us her views and experiences. C’est quoi la democratie? And let’s connect with a radio in Kinshasa!

Balla Thaim speaks to you in Wolof on migration and education. It’s time to claim the legalisation of migration.

Taiwo Feysipo, the general secretary of the African Roots Movements (for Dignity, Awareness and Unity) tells us about Mike and how he died, chased by the cops. In fear he fled to find his death. The one year remembrance is on October 4th.

Selle Diop talks to us about delinquent tourism and privatisition of health clinics, people dying on the door step, desperately surfing the web to find a way out of this misery. To Europe! To America. Women and children too… Thank you IMF. (all in Wolof)

Bai bye. Salut Balla. Kisses with Frida. Nice cooking. MuPPy and Pascal tried to work together. But Ferdous and Azaher really did. And Steve and Judithe in Kinshasa. And the cleaners of Schiphol, they are winning: Steun de Schoonmakers! And remember oct.4th Memorial for Mike Osei. The teachings of Taiwo Feyisipo. The answer lies with the people. We are one people.

Four artists, one fire

click on the arrow to listen to the full program of September 19th

With Our guests:

Ferdous Ara Lovely, sculptor from Bangladesh. Her dream: a solo exposition

Martin Travers, action painter from UK

Iftar celebration of the Schipholgroep. The cleaners that are organized by trade union FNVspeak about their work and their struggle for respect in the canteen on Schiphol Airport. Listen to Ibrahim Mamsow (Dutch). The fight for 10 Euro per hour. Watch the slide show with Jaap Fisher. The Cleaners of Center Parks struggled 8 months for equal pay for migramt workers from Germany: Triomf on Menke. Another slide show.

Radio Teranga

Balla Thaim, about climate and migration (Wolof, French)

Lamp Fall

Alo Kinshasa. Steve Wembi reports from the caital of DRC

The Commemoration Thing: To make a life again

What happened on the Timorplein last Saturday (Dutch)

Squatters music by The Bucket Boys in the Waag, the climax of a “debate” on the movement of the 80’s.

Martin is here. Meets Sakho. Rooting. And Frida cooks cool. Ferdous wants to help. Muppy so solid at it. Irene so busy. Ground Zero. Communion = communication. Some French avec Cherrak. A miscom between MuPPy and me created sabotage… Daniela and Yane have finished editing the video. Ferdous next to me. Beetje honger, beetje iftar. Martin proposes a process. Iftar yo!
Ssuuna meets Pooja and Sakho meets Martin. We will call Balla soon! Dame of Frontex gets hit hard. “If I’m a gangster, you must be a mullah.” The thing that does’t kill you makes you stronger. Que’est que on pourrait faire pour desanimer les jeunes de risquer leur vie en migrant vers l’Europe? 22.06

Kijk met ons. Niet naar ons.

M2M betekent van migrant tot migrant.
M2M is een ontmoetingsplaats.
Als een kampvuur.
Elke migrant heeft een verhaal, een boodschap.
Elke migrant is een boodschapper tussen daar en hier en hier en daar.
Elke migrant is een medium.

M2M nodigt je uit jezelf te verplaatsen.
Je te verbeelden dat je ergens anders bent.
Te beseffen dat je iemand anders kunt zijn.
Te aanvaarden dat identiteit een illusie is.
Dat metamorfose, de voortdurende verandering van identiteit,
de manier van leven is in tijden van verdwijnende substantie.

Alle mensen zijn migranten, of ze het nu leuk vinden of niet.
En alle migranten zijn mensen, of je het nu leuk vind of niet.
En we zijn geen bananen.
Je drijft geen handel met mensen.
Handel verwar je niet met behandeling.
Je zet geen mensen in de gevangenis alleen omdat
ze niet in je systeem passen.

Migratie is de toekomst.

Commemorate the Schiphol Fire with us

We are here

The Schiphol Fire that happened in the night of the 26th of October 2005 will be commemorated again three years later, at the same place and at the same time. At the memorial for the eleven dead that stands at the fence of the detention centre at Schiphol Airport. Survivors and relatives of the dead are working together to create the commemoration and to be there. The United Survivors initiated this in collaboration with M2M Radio and The Blue House. The Council of Churches and the City Council of Haarlemmermeer will hold a service in Hoofddorp at which a group of survivors will also be present.

To make a life again

The survivors fight for their recovery and for their future.
They live dispersed throughout The Netherlands and try to stay afoot in the jungle of poverty, paper work and abandonment. Some of them are living out on the street, still facing deportation or collapse. Some are lost in the dark

All the people and all politicans must be aware of the facts
– the politically responsible persons have not been held accountable in front of a judge or in parliament.
– Ahmed Isa is still the only one prosecuted for the fire.
– Politicians turn away from the fire, from the causes and the consequences.
– The Dutch government continues to detain people that are “not supposed to be here”
– The Dutch authorities turn a deaf ear to critical reports of Amnesty International, The Council of Europe and the State Council on the Implementation of Criminal Law and Justice.
De surviving victims and the relatives of the dead are still coping without adecuate care. They are also kept waiting for compensation.

The commemoration demonstrates that the survivors are still here and together struggle for their future.

Together as one

Mboolo  moi dole

The Commemoration Group is now formed by the United Survivors, M2M Radio and The Blue House, in collaboration with PRIME. It calls on all people to join the survivors in this commemoration, as a gesture of solidarity and respect. And as a protest against the politics on migration and the
detention of migrants in particular.

Spread the word. . Get connected. . Call us or mail. Tel. +31.624148872 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

News and updates on M2M Radio

Laatste nieuws:

Baobab, the tree of commemoration

We talk about the monument at the fence

where we will stage the third commemoration

of the Schiphol Fire on the 26th of October.

We tell it to the Manolo’s.

And we learn all about the Baobab tree from Sakho and Vincenzo

The tree of food, water, clothes, medicine.

The tree of memory, of knowledge, of consensus.

Everything you need.

To make a life again.

Only when  Baobabs travel to Europe, they die…

Under the tree are Sakho and Vincenzo, with Cherrak, Jaromil, Jo, Tati, Tomak and Kresho.

And Daniela and Yane came in too! Artists are invited to join in the commemoration. To make a life again. E-mail: Zie

UK: no fun for detained migrants

report on nearly 300 alleged assaults against asylum deportees

“Outsourcing Abuse” by Birnberg Peirce & Partners, Medical Justice and NCADC describes
an alarming number of injuries sustained by asylum deportees at the hand of private
“escorts” contracted by the Home Office. It reveals evidence of widespread and
seemingly systemic abuse of vulnerable people who have fled their own countries
seeking safety and refuge, and that assault claims have largely been brushed off
by the Home Office.

This evening on M2M Radio

Sous l’arbre a palabre de Radio Teranga

sous couvert de M2M radio)

Ousmane Ndione reports from Madrid on the fate of two Senegalese brothers. One of them died after a fight with knives. He was killed by Spanish white guys. The police first wanted to see his ID, before calling an ambulance. African and Arab youth joined forces to defend and attack… Yousef, youth worker in Madrid comments: “The problem is cultural, is discrimination.”
We meet Balla Thaim (Wolof) in Dakar.

Steve Wembi, our new correspondent reports from Kinshasa, Congo, on migration and China.

We celebrate with Mustapha Mujahid that he finally gets his residence permit, like the other survivors of the Schiphol Fire!

We receive Sarah van Sonsbeeck, who is mapping the sounds and silence on IJburg from the Blue House. Walk about with her on Saturday 27th of September from 12 o’clock, starting from the Blue House. On IJburg. Warning: she is going for the extremes.
And another guest is Vincenzo who shows his network Mocambos in Brazil and Mozambique. It’s a network of communities of the Quilombos. (Portugues)  Frida understands that!

Jalan Jalan festival on the Timorplein, Indische Buurt, Amsterdam. Jos Zandvliet aan de lijn.

mboole moi doole! Cherrak definitely needs a lap top. And Jo wants a bicycle. Who does NOT want a laptop? And a bicycle! Sakho sez: grijs. Muppy is the cable guy, playing cool. Where is Irene? Frida is early with her lovely food. Muit obrigada! Sarah van Sonsbeeck heeft net nog meegegeten. Noise Works. De regen maakt IJburg weer waterstad. Jamming with Sakho and Vincenzo. Then arrived Jaromil, and both Manolo‘s. Real Freaknet Brothers. Djerreudjef

Statement on the Xenophobic Attacks in Jo’burg

Abahlali baseMjondolo
Wednesday, 21 May 2008

There is only one human race.
Our struggle and every real struggle is to put the human being at the centre of society, starting with the worst off.
An action can be illegal. A person cannot be illegal. A person is a person where ever they may find themselves.
If you live in a settlement you are from that settlement and you are a neighbour and a comrade in that settlement.
We condemn the attacks, the beatings, rape and murder, in Johannesburg on people born in other countries. We will fight left and right to ensure that this does not happen here in KwaZulu-Natal.

from Zabalaza, A Journal of Southern African Class Struggle Anarchism Continue reading Statement on the Xenophobic Attacks in Jo’burg

Freedom letters

Our guest today is a Lion of Africa. He dances with his eyes and will be a surprise to your ears. He listens to the name of Khadim Ndjaye (he’s the one on the left shoulder). He speaks in Wolof with Cheikh Sakho, while Jackie and Emilie listen. Tshjesch Mupeteer. We all enjoy what Frida cooked. And did iftar together with Khadim. Continue reading Freedom letters