Permission to stream Schiphol Fire trial pending

M2M Radio has filed a request with the High Court of Amsterdam to allow streaming of the trial in appeal against Ahmed Isa, accused of causing the Schiphol Fire.

The court took some decisions today about when  the trial will be held.

21st and 23rd of April and 7th and 8th of May

A decision to allow streaming the sessions under consideration. The text of the request is in Dutch, at

Friday 23rd: M2M at SMART Project Space

M2M Radio with Coalesce – Happenstance
January 23rd, a friday evening dinnerparty on air, served from 7 p.m.
in the Chapel of SMART Project Space

M2M Radio is all about migration, the art of moving and of metamorphosis.
We ask “who is migrating, what is moved?”
We look with artists, we look with migrants, we find a way to communcicate
with no borders between us.

The gig is part of the current very cool exhibition

At Coalesce we will meet some of the participating artists to engage in this endeavour
to merge the catastropohe of the Schipohol Fire with the exciting exhibition curated by Paul O’Neill.
With Garrett Phelan and Bob and Roberta Smith and Sophie Hope from Coalesce: happenstance.
Papa Sakho, Muppet, Jennifer, Tati and Jo van der Spek from M2M Radio, Migrant to Migrant.

Irene den Hartoog and Jeanne van Heeswijk from The Blue House

Plus Raviv Ganchrow architect and sound artist

Musical performance by Mustapha Boukhari (Ud and guitar)

In collaboration with The Blue House

Join the SMART meal, Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, The Chapel

Fritass deported No way!

This Friday morning Miloud fritass was to be deported to Morocco, to receive treatment for his trauma from the Schiphol Fire. Not in Holland, because he is declared “unwanted”.
However it didn’t happen.
A small team of activists were waiting near the gate of the detention center at Rotterdam Airport. When the van with the man drove away, they blocked the road with a big banner saying: Refugees Welcome. Two went for the tyres and the police jumped on hem. The van had to turn but was attacked again and again. Activists were thrown to the ground, but no one was arrested.

Then three made a move to Schiphol Airport and informed some passengers of who was to be on their plane: a declared psycho-criminal and survivor of the Schiphol Fire. The check-in lady took us for cops and informed us that Fritass was NOT on the passengers list. So we celebrated and published the news of our little victory.

Jo was waiting for the bus to return home when Fritass called. “I am still at Zestienhoven. I never left.”
Big surprise. Hey, we heard you bump three times inside the van. I am here, and I am so angry. Now I really want to leave.” But Fritass told all the brothers and sisters inside that if you bump three times, you may be able to escape.
A group calling thremselves “Indigenous for Migration” has announced random atacks on blind vans leaving Zestienhoven Airoprt in the coming days.

And here’s the fictitious diary of Fritass, the evening before. (Tamazight)

Fritass moves in the night

Fritass will be moved to Schiphol Airport for deportatioin to Morocco in the night of Thursday15 – Friday 16th. His ticket says: Flight TP 667 to Lisboa leaving at 6.25 a.m. Landing in Lisboa at 8.25.

From there he will be forced to board flight TP228 to Casablanca.

This is what the Dutch Kingdom wants.

What we want is clear: NO WAY!

I was in Calais (Sangatte)

Hi everyone…..

I was in Calais, France for a few days this week at the invitation of Nouri, an Afghan migrant and a survivor of the Schiphol Fire that burnt down a refugee detention center in Holland 3 years ago killing 11 migrants.
He took me there to show the situation of migrants that try to get to the UK from Europe. Mostly of Arab, Eritrean, Sudanese, Afghan and Kurdish descent. These migrants are fleeing a devastated life in the hope for a better one and in the process many end up shredded to pieces or frozen to death!
Calais, France is the port of departure in France where the trucks, cars and buses get on the ferries to cross to Dover, UK. It is also the place where the Euro-rail goes inside the Channel Tunnel. The Channel is a 50 km undersea rail tunnel linking UK to France for those who dont know!! This gives the migrants 2 different ways to get to the UK. Jump on top of the train before it gets inside the tunnel or hide inside or under the trucks which then gets ferried across!! The truck journeys are longer (some last 12-15 hours) and more dangerous but the train is much more harder to get into.

Continue reading I was in Calais (Sangatte)

Fritass deported? No way!

On Friday 16th of January the Dutch State will try to deport a survivor of the Schiphol Fire.
The man is Miloud Fritass.
He was in Block K, the block that burned, killing 11 migrants.
Fritass received 10.000 Euro to compensate for his suffering (Post Traumatic Stress).
But he is also “unwanted”, according to the Immigration Service, the Court and the deputy-minister Nebahat Albayrak.

They have offered him to find help in a psychiatric clinic in Morocco.
They know that they are committing a crime.

We will stop them.

Yes, we can.
And U2.

This wednesday evening, from 7 pm action meeting at Poortgebouw Rotterdam.

Thursday evening action meeting in Amsterdam-Slotervaart, Youth Club Oportuna, Marius Bauerstraat 36 (Station Cornelis Lelylaan, tram 1 and 17)

Busses and music have been arranged.

distribute freely

we will make some noise!

guerrilla on your highways and byways

M2M Radio

Come at 2 to Rotterdam Airport Detention Complex (Bus 33 from Rotterdam Central Station) in the night. All night trains to Rotterdam central Station, Shuttle bus 33 to Airport.
Come at 3 to Schiphol Plaza.

And if you have a car, join the traffic jam on the A4!

M2M Radio (English) (Dutch)

info at: 0624148872

Why do we have to move?

We congratulate our brother Raed Jarrar for wearing the right T-shirt at the right time.

In the M2M Radio workshop in Youth Club Oportuna (Amsterdam-Slotervaart), we ask the question “Why do we have to move

* Charafeddin interviews Papa Sakho (Dutch).

The answer will come on Saturday the 10th, live at Alexander Krone‘s dinner table.

address: Jan Tooropstraat 15a, 1062BK

* Muad in aktie tijdens de uitzending in Het Blauwe Huis

* Ahmed interviewt Redouan

* Ismael checks his own recording

Saleh Hassan Faris threw his body in the theatre called Iraq, his remains will speak to us (later on).

We go back to Gaza on the Museum square.

We meet friends in Cameroon, who make radio on internet like us. But a power cut in Cameroon preveted the connection…

And Ozz is asking funny questions again. That’s because he calls himself an artist, I guess.

And we bring you the latest news about the fire, as usual.

Demo for Gaza

An impressive sound system flooded the big Museum Square in Amsterdam last Saturday, when thousands gathered to demonstrate against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Hear here.

In the middle of the square some women squatted with a few bags filled with paper bags, sand and candles.

And lighting them.

A small ritual of remembrance, recognized by Assiye.

While watching the signs with Cecile, we spotted Anja Meulenbelt, Dutch senator and activist with a family in Gaza. She was quite happy to meet us. But the question remains: Where is Gaza?