Hungerstrike at Schiphol Oost

At least six inmates of the detention complex at Schiphol Oost are on hungerstrike since Friday 20th. One of them even refuses to drink. Three have been replaced to Camp Zeist. On Thursday 15 people announced in a phonecall to PRIME that 40 would go on hungerstrike in protest against them being in jail on no charge but just to be deported. ‘Is asking asylum a crime?’ They never know when that will happen, or when they are to be released. And when they resist they are beaten up and put in isolation.

Crisis, what crisis?

So we live ina time of change. The time of Obama, faced with a global financial and economical crisis. We are reminded of the 1930’s, and how fascism and nazism blossomed of it. Nowadays, we realize that migrants aret he easy target of popular and political fears and angers. Politicians hesitate to question inhuman treatment of migrants. Even less will they analyze their own argument for excluding people and depriving them of basic human rights.

While migrants and their organizations are struggling in a world wide campaign for their human rights, we are faced with a clear and double danger: the crisis itself, which will affect our capacity to act and the back-lash it may provoke, making xenophobia stronger and more aggressive. And more respectable…

That is why we have to be strong and together, and prepared for worse.

We should reinforce our connections and make more people aware of our reality. A reality of suffering and resistance, like those of us who have gone through detention centers, well know. The reality is that people are there without legal protection, without charge, just because they “don’t belong here”.

We are happy to see students and professors in places like New York and Helsinki reacting in their way to the crisis. And we are happy to see Helsinki protesting against special measures against non-EU citizens.

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Detention centre on Lampedusa on fire

This morning  in Lampedusa,  the most southern island  of Europe,  a revolt erupted in  the “Centre  for identification and  expulsion“, following the hunger strike of 300  detainees from Tunisia. The detention center hosts more than 800 migrants,  mostly from Tunisia. The fire destroyed most of the building and the police had to fight the revolt with extra smoke (teargas), it is yet unknown how many people were injured.

The mayor of the city  Bernardino De Rubeis has released a declaration against the Italian government, quoting  his own words: “Guilty is the Government which transformed this center in a Lager (camp), the migrants are desperate.

The revolt seems  to have exploded as 107 Tunisian  migrants were to be deported  back to  their country,  proceeding to  a first  transfer in Roma.

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Cultural awareness is critical

The United States army is to accept immigrants with temporary US visas, for the first time since the Vietnam war, according to the New York Times. Until now immigrants have had to have permanent residency – a “green card” – in order to qualify for the services. But those with temporary visas will be offered accelerated citizenship if they enrol, the Times says.

The Pentagon hopes the scheme will cover shortages in areas like medical care and language interpretation. Many temporary immigrants will have been granted visas on the basis of their education or skills, so the defence department expects the new recruits to be more qualified than applicants who are US citizens – and in particular to have languages useful in combat zones like Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The American army finds itself in a lot of different countries where cultural awareness is critical,” said Lt-Gen Benjamin C Freakley, the top recruitment officer for the army.

source: New York Times

Happy Birthday M2M

The Schiphol People came together in the Automatenkabinet in Weesp to celebrate the birthday of M2M Radio and to prepare for the trial of Ahmed Isa and the Schiphol Fire. Listen to:

Het Kikkerlied, The Frog Song, by Jos Zandvliet

Welcome speech by Jo van der Spek:

M2M Radio and the Schiphol People

Ahmed Isa is not alone.

Gladys Toekaja: Truth and Justice, we want to know.

Fazal Babak: We are many survivors and relatives. The responsible authorities must be held accountable. Judges hang together with the government, especially where the reputation of Holland is at stake. That is why I don’t have conficence in the judge. He put me in a concentration camp, without respect for human rights. The parliament passes the laws, the judges execute them.

Jo: All survivors have the right to speak.

Celebrating 2 years M2M Radio

On the 10th of February 2007 The Blue House roared with a new sound: the
sound of a radio being born.
We called it Radio Ruisriet, because we liked the association with the
sound of weeds and reeds that were whistling here when IJburg wasn’t.
There is one zen poet who wrote a few nice lines about Ruisriet, but
somehow we never laid our microphone to her lips.

Anyway, the new born radio baby was conceived as a tool in the hands of
the Schiphol People: the survivors of the Schiphol Fire and their friends,
buddies and other supporting activists, artists, reseachers and

The Blue House and the weekly live radio program around the dinner table
became a meeting place of all concerned. Here we commemorated the fire and
the dead, here we tried to make a life again.

We regard the fire as the final proof that it is inhuman to confine people
in a detention center, just because you deny their right to be here. The
price a society pays for excluding human beings is losing its humanity
itself. Humans are not banana’s. That is why we speak not only about the
fire. We deal with migrants, with migration, survival, art and
metamorphosis in general.

The mission of M2M is to make free communication and to look at migration
in a different way. Look with us, not at us.

M2M is 2 now and on its own feet. M2M is moving and growing like our
Moving Tree. We pop up in unexpected places.

Because we are here, and we are everywhere!

M2M Radio

The Project X (Canada)

this project is cool, from some fellow activists in Canada.
some members are real funny  people, i've met them on their way to
a queer festival in Jakarta, can't think of something wilder... ciao

The Project X

A testimonial on racial profiling.

RACIAL PROFILING is when authority  figures assume that people who are of a certain race or color are more likely to commit certain crimes or engage in a certain 

behaviour.  For example, when cops stop black kids in the  metro because  they assume that  they are selling  drugs, when teachers in  schools do not help  brown 

kids because  they assume that they will drop out, or, that  because you are an Arab Muslim, that you are a terrorist.

Some people think that racial profiling helps maintain security but it actually creates  insecurity and  racial tension. Just  because people are  of  the  same race  doesn’t 

 mean  that  they  all do  the  same things. All people, regardless of their race, can be criminals and all people,  regardless  of  their  race,  can choose  not  to  break  

the law. Racial profiling is just plain racism.

The MANDATE  of Project  X is  to support youth  by helping  them find creative  ways to  survive  the effects  of  institutional racism  and racial profiling.  This 

website’s purpose  is to educate,  inform and provide a forum for communication.

Project X headquarters  are located at 3770 Decarie. We can be reached by phone at 514 872-9444.  Are you interested in getting involved with
Project X?

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us coordinate upcoming
events  and to maintain  the website.  If you  would be  interested in
offering your  time you can  contact us at  the above phone  number or
send us an email at:
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