Hungerstrike: Surab to court this Monday

Surab Keladza has been informed that the IND will deport him to Switzerland o Monday at 10 a.m. But his lawyer Alie Westerhuis hopes to save hin at the court of haarlem at 11 a.m. We try to find out how this works. It will be nice to go to the courtcase in haalrem to say hello. It’s not far from the Station!

listen here to Surab (in German)

Schiphol Fire trial, the next campaign

Today, activists took the detention boat at Zaanstad. More at Indymedia (Dutch)

In Holland innocent migrants are detained and tortured by the thousands. Eleven migrants died in the Schiphol Fire. And the prosecutor persists in accusing the first victim. Politicians remain silent about this sysematic violation of rights. Their silence is killing. We can break this silence, together.

Silence, you KILL me

M2M and All Included invite you to join our next campaign with the Schiphol People.
On Tuesday 21st of April the High Court of Amsterdam will start the trial in appeal against Ahmed Isa.
We are preparing a series of actions and activities to make clear that not Ahmed Isa should stand in front of the judges, but the government of the Netherlands.
Because it is the Dutch government that built the prison at Schiphol Oost, they recruited and trained the personnel, they were in charge of safety and care for people without the possibility to protect themselves against thair detention, against the fire and against the security forces that preferred to let people die inside their cells, rather than allowing them to save themselves or be saved by their fellow prisoners. Not Ahmed Isa.

We say: even if Ahmed Isa started the fire by throwing away his shaggie, rolled with Blue Rizla paper, it was still the system that did everything to cause the disaster. And every roll-your-owner knows that a shaggie rolled with Blue Rizla is very difficult to keep alight.
Besides the technical evidence that indicates that the fire did not start in Ahmed Isa’s cell, a historiical analysis of the way foreigners are facilitated to be deported at Schiphol Oost detention complex (and elsewhere in the Netherlands) clearly proves the contempt for the human rights of innocent people put in a prison, just to deport them more easily. It starts with denying their right, it ends with taking their life.

The survivors of the Schiphol fire and their friends, together known as the Schiphol People, know all about the way the government takes its responsibility. They persecute Ahmed Isa, who was the first to burn himself. They took the survivors to a prison boat. They threatened to deport them for a year after the fire. They refused proper therapy for their trauma’s. They refuse to pay proper compensation. And they can’t say sorry, we made a mistake. They can’t even say: what can we do to help you make a life again? They are blind, deaf and mute.

We will be there, in court, in Amsterdam, with Ahmed Isa.

to see, to speak, to listen

Because we are here.

You can help this campaign.
Contact us at m2m[at]
Call us at +31624158872.
Donate at ING 3452284, Jo van der Spek, Amsterdam. ref. Free Ahmed Isa.

Judge: “No regime change”

The result from court is totally negative. The judge in Haarlem has said that undocumented migrants can be held for maximum 5 days in a police cell. Until now it was maximum 10 days. After the five days, most migrants will be transported to a detention complex like Schiphol Oost. In detention the regime is okay, according to international standards, said the same judge. So nothing wil change for the brothers and sisters in Block L or M.
Now listen to Faisal: “Some people are about to commit suicide.”

The press release from the judge is here. (Dutch)

Migrants in detention complex Schiphol Airport fight brutality, call for help

M2M Radio, Migrant to Migrant, calls on activists and artists for international collaboration in solidarity
On the 18th of February the inmates of Block L demanded clear  information on their fate. “How long can they keep us here? Is asking  for asylum a crime in this country? Why are we here?” In Block L  migrants are detained who are supposed to be deported back home.  They  did not fulfill the tough requirements to be accepted as a refugee.  But it can take a long time, even more than a year, for the Ministry of Justice (IND) to find out how to deport a single person, especially when  s/he is from a country like Sudan, Somalia or Palestine, where the  civil registers are not quite up to date. According to Dutch law the  simple fact of not having the proper documents is not a violation. The  reason for detaining thousands of migrants is strictly administrative: to  facilitate a smooth exit when opportunity knocks.
Hunger strike
When satisfying answers to their questions were not available from the  staff and the director, some 40 of the migrants, decided to insist by  sitting down on the ground of the cage for fresh air and refuse to
return to their cells. This action was then broken by forcing them one- by-one back to his or her cell, handcuffed and when “opportune” in  isolation cells. Fourty riot police in full gear entered the stage and
used “proportional violence”, in the terms used by the managing  director of Penitentiary Institutions in a report of Dutch NOVA TV.
Twenty inmates were forced to watch how Surab Keladze (from Georgia)  was beaten up and how Ibrahim Hassan (Sudan) was hit in his genitals.  That same day 36 of the inmates of Block L went on hunger strike and  are now organizing their resistance, their fight for freedom. And they  call on us to fight with them.

Block L calling for freedom

The brothers in Block L of the detention complex at Schiphol Oost call almost every day to M2M Radio to give us the news of their resistance and call to join their fight for freedom. These calls give us an insight of the way innocent asylum seekers are treated in Holland. And they tell you who they are and why they fight.

Report #2 of Wednesday 19th of March.

Mohamed Ali, Ibrahim Hassan “If the results from the court case are not positive, then maybe we start a new hungerstrike  on Monday. Why you keep me here. Let me go.  I want to leave this place. Some people are here for eleven months.” And Sali

[Friday at 2 pm the results of the court case against the regime will be published at]

Report #1 of Friday 14th of March.

Report #0 of Wednesday 12th of March.

Communicating with the brothers in Block L

On Sunday 1st of March, M2M joined the vigil of the Studenten Ekklesia Amsterdam at the fence of the detention complex.

The guys of Block L saw us from the cage and we waved at eachother. Then the guards pushed them inside and even shut the blinds of the windows, so eye contact was interrupted. Then we used our voice:

The people of he vigil were angry. The vigil proceeded as usual, in Dutch. Here’s an impression.

Then M2M walked along the fence and restored eye contact with some of the guys locked behind windows. We wrote the telephone numer of M2M on a piece of paper and held it through the bars for the guys to read.
And soon it was Mohamed Ali from Somalia who called us! “We are on hungerstrike” We talked, we gave him telephone credit (Cobra) to call again the next day.

We are not many, but we are strong. And you give us hope.

On Monday we had a long conversation with several brothers in struggle.
here’s Faisal, from Sudan, 4 months in prison. He was seeking asylum.

Mohamed Ali, from Somalia. Doing now 2 months. He came to Holland in 2004.

Ibrahim Hassan, from Sudan. “We are dying here.”

Hakim Sola, from Mali: “We really need your help, because our situation here is very bad. The way they are treating us. We are not criminals. We are asylum seekers. They should let us go. Because we have a lot of problem here. We need to go out of this place. How they can keep us inside without nothing. We are looking for someone that can fight for us and give us our freedom.”
Also Qasim Yaya, from Ghana and Alik, 4 months: “We are fightning for our Freedom.”

The leader of the vigil, Geeske Hovingh, gave us a few wise words of Emmanuel Levinas“Stand still, thare is another man next to you. Meeting another man is the biggest event. Look into his eyes and you come closer to God. You should take responsibility for him. That is the way.”

A report on the solidarity action of Saturday 7th is at (in Dutch)

Now what caused the Schiphol Fire?

the monument that the government placed at the detention center, away from the monument of the survivors

The Dutch detention complex

by Jo van der Spek, co-founder of M2M, Migrant to Migrant

An unknown number of undocumented migrants living in The Netherlands are the object of a sustained policy of exclusion by the Dutch state. They are not supposed to be here according to the laws of the landlords, but they are. Researchers have estimated the number of illegal immigrants at between 150 and 200.000 in the last years. Paradoxically, for a supposedly non-existent group of people, an amazing range of measures has been developed to get a grip on them in order to make them disappear. The dilemma for a state that claims to champion human rights around the globe is to find a way to execute the explicit policy of exclusion and ultimately deportation in a manner that does not harm this reputation. The Schiphol Fire has made it clear to all who are willing to see, that the challenge to solve this dilemma has miserably been forsaken. In the essay, of which this text is an introduction, I hope to explain the fundamental reasons for this failure and to indicate avenues towards an approach that does justice to both (the motives of) migrants and to (the needs of ) Dutch society.

Continue reading Now what caused the Schiphol Fire?

Action Day 2

At 12,.30 the M2M Studio is open in the Hacklab, Ruysdaelstraat 79 Amsterdam
Live streaming now.

The first demonstrator has installed herself at the commemoration place at the fence of the detention complex at Schiphol Oost.

The meeting and communication point is open at Schiphol Plaza, Delifrance.

Meeting at Schiphol

Another memorable day today. At noon two events take place: M2M’s support action with the uprising in Block 11 against their detention, and the commemoration for the Airplane crash that happened last week.

The M2m base is now at Schiphol Plaza (Delifrance) and from here we will drive together to the Detention Complex. At 2 p.m. the drum session will start.


Call to ACTION!

Today is the first of three days of support to the uprising in Block L at Schiphol Oost.

We start at 10 in the Hacklab Ruysdaelstraat 79.

STREAM starts from 12 till late

12.00  start of public event Schiphol Oost (Noise!)

meeting POINT Schiphol Plaza (flyers!)
Picketing actions at Recruiting Agencies of prison personnel all over Holland.
15.00 Court Haarlem will hear arguments against the prison regiem.
all afternoon live reports and tactical communication all afternoon
You may find PDF of our FLYER soon at
do download, photocopy, distribute
support this  MOBilization by all Media!