Italy: refugees squat in Bruzzano

After sleeping long periods in dormitories  in Milan and although most of them are officialy recognized as political refugee, some hundreds of African and Asian refugees decided to occupy an empty building in Bruzzano, near Milan City. The rightwing city-authorities sent a mass of police-forces to throw them out of the building on Tuesday 21 april 2009. The refugees protested in Bruzzano and the police reacted with brutal violence as the images [thank you manifesta 18] clearly show. After the first clash they marched to Milan where the police continued to act with surely racist motivated violence.

That night they sleapt in the park near Piazza Venezia and  on Wednesday 22nd of April they organized a manifestation in the center . After another night in the park the police came with huge forces, they encircled the people in less and less space and…brought them to the police headquarters to “identify the people”…an operation already terminated some days before in Bruzzano.
The video gives a clear image of this shocking and repulsive operation.
The refugees accept for the moment a temporary -two weeks- return to the dormitories.
The failing racist municipality will need almost two years to find a normal solution.