If you don’t know people, they can kill you

Fofana is 23 years old and he has lost the last year of his life in Dutch prisons. As a boy he left Bamako and his family behind and went to his uncle in New York, Brooklyn. Later he lived in Montreal.
Almost a year ago he wanted to visit Italy, with a ticket via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Apparently something was wrong with the ticket so he got stuck. Then somebody advised him to ask for asylum and quickly he was brought to the detention complex for unwanted migrant at  Schiphol East.
Is this the sanction for a wrong ticket, or for asking asylum, for adhering to the wrong advice?  Fofana has been asking this question for a year now. He asked the cops, his lawyer, the IND, the refugee council, his ambassy. Is asking for asylum a crime in this country?
Fofana looks good, like a sportsman. He plays football and basket ball. In prison he does running. And he likes music: hiphop and reggae.
Last week we visted him twice in the new detention complex Alphen aan den Rijn. This is his forth or fifth prison now. On the 26th of June it will be one year. And that’s more than long enough.

Fofana has lost confidence in humanity. For him all people in Holland are the same: lawyers, police, IND, pastors, refugee council, Humanitas are all part of a system that destroys his life and that of his brothers and sisters. He suffers and sees how others suffer with him. He fights and feels the repression.
He tells us on the phone about the everyday resistance. Like the guy from Pakistan who one day refused to clean the unit for only 10 Euro per week. He only asked the chief to let others help him. But the brothers equally refused to do this work for
nothing. Then the unit was not cleaned at all and they had to cook and wash themselves.
When I visited him last Saturday I brought him a T-shirt of the cleaners of Schiphol that are campaigning for respect and better working conditions. They now receive a minimum 10 Euro per hour. I showed him the shirt saying “Power to the cleaners”. He liked it a lot, but we can only give it to him on the 15th of June,  when it is his turn to receive some goodies from outside.
It so happened that the guy from another unit who now does the cleaning was sitting right behind me in the visitors space. He’s Moroccan and is doing time for not having the proper papers. He looks like a pirate with a scarf around his head. And he wants a T-shirt too. In fact everybody wants a T-shirt,  so we ask FNV-Bondgenoten to deliver 20 of them.
As a gesture of support and solidarity.


Fofana sees the other units from a distance. He sees how people fight.  He knows how often people are put in isolation. He sees how a Chinese man in his own unit is fading away, sick, not eating, drinking or sleeping. He knows that 2 inmates died in the last two weeks in Alphen.

Fofana is of course also one of the leaders of the hungerstrike that started on the 18th of February in Block L of Schiphol East.
After this collective uprising Fofana and 5 others were transferred to Kamp Zeist where he spent 6 days in isolation.

Fofana wants to be free. He is tired and desparate.
Let’s send him a big cake filled with gun powder.

and break the walls between us!

Cleaners in detention on strike

Fafana is almost 1 year in prison,  after his asylum request has been denied. He is in detentioncomplex Alphen aan den Rijn.  He has seen too many Dutch prisons. And he was among the first to go on hungerstrike after the brutal repression of their protest of Block L at Schiphol Oost, on February 18th. Meet Fafana!
Fafana calls us with the news and with his vision.

“One Indian guy refues to clean the whole unit on his own for only 10 Euro’s per week. He said he needed to do it with more people together. Then other people said they wanted to help cleaning, but 10 Euro’s is too small a fee. Then they stopped cleaning, everything is dirty here. And they only give us food in the morning. The rest you must buy for yourself in the shop.”
“People are fighting here. They get angry. They have nothing to do. They took two of us away, probably in isolation. The security treats us like criminals. “

A friend has died

A bird doesn’t sing because it has a message. It sings because it has a song.

Papa Kane was always there
Cooking and sharing, being here
with us
in the Radio
in The Blue House
with Papa Sakho
and Jo
and Irene
and Alessio
and Tati
and Jaromil
and all guests of M2M Radio
or Radio Ruisriet in those days

And then,  suddenly,  Papa Kane disappeared.
He made a mistake.
He was left to himself in Italy
and Atie and their daughters here in Friesland.

And then, the bad news.
Papa Kane has died.

We mourn
together as one
for Papa Kane.

As a gesture of respect, we joined papa Kane’s brotherhood in the Dara in
Amsterdam Noord today. They told us what they know, and what they did so
Together with the mother of Papa Kane’s children they decided to bring the
body back to Touba.

We invite you to make a gesture,  a contribution to his funeral in Touba,
his place to rest in Senegal.

Papa Sakho

Jo van der Spek

M2M Radio Teranga

Please do it right away, because we have only two days to collect the 4500
Euro’s to pay the bills.

Giro 755398 tnv Stichting Wakeur Borom Touba, Amsterdam. o.v.v. Papa Kane.

People are stranger*

Albayrak masked

Fashion design according to TNO

The Netherlands national Technological Research Institute is doing a lot of indutrial design. The purpose of this mask is to make  deportation of unwanted aliens more comfortable for everybody  (no more biting and spitting on the plane).  TNO is working on the design on request of the Department of Justice. In the ninetees a guy from Roumania was deported on a plane, the military police decided to tape his mouth to stifle his resistance. Instead he suffered a stroke and nearly lost his life. He survived 90 percent invalid.

M2M can not guarantee that the mask Mrs. Albayrak, the Deputy Minister of Justice, is trying out on above picture is authentic. We only know the basic criteria for the end-product: effective, transparant and human.

Try it out yourself and send us a photo!

* Free Airmiles for the best shot of the week.

Maghreb non accord with réadmission avec EU

Morocco, Algeria and Libya refuse to sign Readmission Agreements with EU According to a 3 March 2009 statement by Jacques Barrot, European Commissioner in charge of Justice and Interior Affaires, the relationship of the EU with Morocco, Algeria and Libya have “become difficult” because of these Maghreb counties’ refusal to sign Readmission Accords with the European Union. These agreements would have allowed the EU to deport undocumented migrants to their countries of origin or to transit countries.

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