FREE AHMED ISA: Print your own poster

This is our new poster to announce the trial against Ahmed Isa that start on Monday the 10th of August in Amsterdam. And our program of parallel activities! M2M Radio will report live from the Palace of Justice, Prinsengracht 426. Please be a witness. Please do spread the word.

Zondebok means scapegoat. The state tries to make Ahmed Isa guilty, because it cannot admit its own mistakes, it cannot feel ashamed,  it cannot suffer the consequences.

We have made a campaign to Free Ahmed Isa, demanding justice for all.

With the help from artists and activists, in concert with lawyers and those journalists who are serious about the truth.

We take this trial as an opportunity to show that he is not guilty,

that we are with him

and that we ask the citizens of the world to look with us and see the truth like we do.

An outcry from Sweden

from Sweden we received this message about Afghan refugees in despair:

Is immigration a crime? when you seeking protection from a person, does he/she has right to kill you? Providing the condition that you commit suicide is equal to killing!
A desperate alone, innocent afghan asylum seeker commit suicide under the Swedish police custody!!!… Another afghan asylum seeker fired himself in the migration board in Sweden! Hundreds other afghan asylum seekers in sweden are got deep depression, a very dangerous disease, can be the base for other suicides in the future!… when a desperate person which has no body at all around to console him committing suicide the world must shame!…
More painful is that this is happening in a country which leading EU right now and pretending to be one of the defender of pseudo D.E.M.O.C.R.A.C.Y…
Please look to the link below!

P.S: UNHCR people: You are supposed to defend the refugee’s right! but you are part of a contract which the Swedish government deporting afghan asylum seeker up on that! Just take a moment and think if you are not partly responsible for this death!!!…

Mamadou (17), 14 months in prison

Mamadou has been released yesterday (Wed. 29th) from Alphen!

Mamadou was 16 when he came from Chad to Holland to ask for asylum. The army in Chad had burnt down his house and killed his parents. The IND put him in detention at Schiphol Oost (art.6).  He was in islotaion for a month after he complained about the stench in his cell. M2M met him before in October 2008 during the commemoration of the Schiphol Fire. Now he calls us from Alphen aan den Rijn.

The IND tried to deport him last month to Chad but there the authorities refused him entry, declaring they needed more proof of his Chadean citizenship.  That’s how he returned to Holland.

“Do I have a life sentence here?

Mamadou speaks french.

Letter from Eritreans in Libya

Tortured in Libya as in Eritrea

TRIPOLI, July 23 2009 -After Italt deoprted 74 Eritreans refugees intercepted at sea to Libya last July 1st 2009, the Eritrean community in Tripoli writes back.

“For Eritreans, it is no difference either In Eritrea or in Libya

In an era of civilization, the world is tending to some opposite extremes, where some governments are increasingly growing towards dictatorship while others increasingly tending to extremely free democratic governments. What is the trend of Eritrea and Libya? We Eritreans in Libya are the witness for both situations. We see no difference at all, either here or there it is just torture. The only difference is Eritrea is torturing its own citizens while Libya to foreigners. But how they torture is totally similar and it is shame to speak about it in 21st century.

Here I will try to outline the amount of suffer in Libya and Eritrea.

Greece: deportation stopped

A couple of days ago, there was the attempted deportation of 62 refugees from the island Lesvos to a detention center in mainland Greece. This failed miserably due to intervention of antiracist activists.
As soon as embarkation started, the guards created a cordon around the migrants and started to lead them on foot toward the catapult of the boat. The sixty of us who were there jumped in front of them, blocking with banners and with our bodies their entrance to the boat. At the same time, we shouted slogans and handed out texts to the people that continued entering and exiting the boat. Following an initial surprise, the return of the migrants back to the bus that transferred them was decided. We held our positions exchanging slogans with the migrants who slowly started to realize what was going on and in turn started to shout and to wave. Continue reading Greece: deportation stopped

M2M Radio, welcome in the Worldhouse

Address: Nieuwe Herengracht 20, Amsterdam C.

M2M, Migrant to Migrant Radio, is dedicated to informations, conversations, dialogue and  debate on migration. Senegalese artist Cheikh  “Papa”  Sakho and radio-journalist Jo van der Spek created this radio on the internet in the wake of the Schiphol Fire as a means to bring all survivors together, to “Make a life again“.

M2M seeks to look at migration in a new way, together with migrants of all
walks of life, in as many languages as they speak and in all its dimensions.

Radio Teranga (Hospitality) is a new initiative of M2M dedicated to connect with migrants from francophone Africa living in Europe and with Africa itself.

We are happy to announce that The Worldhouse will host a live radio program
every other Friday evening from 7 till 9.30 PM in the space called Quito
(the City of volcano’s!).

We hope to connect with all activities and people going round in The
Worldhouse, in Amsterdam and the world!

Feel free to walk in and see what’s up.

Check and listen to what we produce on our website

The highlights of our first program in the Worldhouse, with Souls at Work:

Click to listen to

Introduction. (English) Food and souls at work, with a candle under the mike.

Radio Teranga. (French, English) Fofana speaks about himself and about Mamadou, who is still in prison after 14 months. And Sali is on the phone from prison. We talk about prison, the system and the lawyers. The good one and the bad ones.

Fofana concludes:  “The law can break the law.”

Contact us at 0624148872 or


Friday 24th of July: focus on the cleaners, organizing to make a better
living and to gain respect.

Friday 7th of August: focus on domestic workers and their campaign.

From 10 till 14th of August we are live reporting from the trial against our
brother Ahmed Isa, accussed of starting the Schiphol Fire. This is part of
the campaign



No borders between us

Mboolo moi doole

(Together as one)

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite

The walls around the detentioncomplex of Alphen aan den Rijn, the biggest in the Netherlands,  are too high.  That’s why we used an old technique. This is Ben throwing up a flag, signalling Sali and the others on the block behind this wall, that we are here.

The strike in protest against the EU deportation charter on the 15th of July is gaining momentum. Listen to Jo talking with Adan Mohamed from Somalia

Belgrado: Roma under attack

Roma and Sinti, a.k.a. gypsies, are Europe’s eternal migrants. Often they choose to be outsiders, just following their own walk of life. Sometimes by necessity, because they are outlawed by state and society. As is the case now in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Three months before the opening of the Universiade[1], Belgrade’s City
Secretariat for Inspections decided to destroy the Roma slum settlement
located right next to the athlete’s village “Belleville”, residential area
for athletes built for this occasion. On April the 3rd 2009 all of a sudden
a couple of bulldozers showed up at the settlement and demolished 40
houses. See Video.
Continue reading Belgrado: Roma under attack

EU Charter: Sali tells everybody: silence

Following the information on the EU charter, deporting African sans-papiers to Africa from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, NL) due on the 15th, M2M has informed the detainees and called on activists to stage a protest against the collective deportation of African migrants from Europe. With Silence.

Sali is our man in Alphen and he has made all inmates aware of the upcoming collective deportation. Alphen will join Schiphol Oost to make a communication blockade: they will not say a word to the guards, the IND or any other authority. And Mamadou was deported to Chad, but he came back after the Chad authorities refused entry. He is now in Alphen too.
And the kitchen has been closed by the director of detention complex Alphen.

We choose Tuesday 14th of July, the French national day of freedom, equality and brotherhood to manifest our outrage at this EU-policy and our solidaity with the detained migrants.

Since February a group of some 40 detained migrants has organized various
protests, including a hungerstrike. The active support from outside gives them strength. Some of them have been released and feed us with fresh information on life in detention.

Together we have choosen the form of protest: a day of silence. The detainees will not speak with guards, security, immigration services and possibly also boycot refugee Council and lawyers. We have also informed collegues in Italy, France and Spain, in order to create a synchronized protest.

On Tuesday small groups of activists will stand at the gates and fences to salute the detainees. In silence, but visible.

Hearing, seeing, silence.

We ask you to phone and write to your local and national authorities to
demand information on this flight. And to write a letter of alert to the EU
commissioner of Human Rights.

EU deportation flight on July 15th

Amsterdam July 8

Can we accept another  collective deportation of African migrants?

M2M (Migrant to Migrant) has received reliable information that several EU countries have planned a special charter flight from Amsterdamn Airport Schiphol to Africa, carrying tens of undocumented migrants back to Africa. Reliable church sources in Germany and Belgium ask for addictional information and M2M calls for concerted action to protest against this form of “human trafficking”.

We have informed the detained migrants in two of Hollands detention centres: Schiphol Oost and Alphen aan den Rijn. Mamadou from Chad is already 14 months in detention and fears deportation. He has succesfully resisted deportation on several occasions and is a leader of many collective actions in the last year.

Sali called us just now from Detentioncomplex Alphen and we talked about how to resist. Here’s the registration of the conversation of sali and Jo.

We did also talk with Mamadou and others through the fence, during the last commemoration of the Schiphol Fire.   Click here to listen.


Please circulate this information widely in Europe and Africa.

Let us know of any addictional information on this deportation flight you may have.

Let’s come together and organize support for the ongoing resistance inside these prisons.

M2M proposes actions of protest and solidarity on the 14th of July:

Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.

Visit the prisons, make phonecalls, picket lines at Airports, Embassies and Institutions of Repression anywhere.

Jo van der Spek, M2M

No borders between us!

M2M Radio will post all info at

Tel +31624148872

You can make a donation of 11 Euro for telephone cards, flyers and transportation to ING 3452284 Jo van der Spek, Amsterdam, Ref. STOP EU Charter

M2M Radio moves to the Worldhouse to make live stream on Friday from 7 p.m. Nieuwe Herengracht 20, Amsterdam NL