Letter from Eritreans in Libya

Tortured in Libya as in Eritrea

TRIPOLI, July 23 2009 -After Italt deoprted 74 Eritreans refugees intercepted at sea to Libya last July 1st 2009, the Eritrean community in Tripoli writes back.

“For Eritreans, it is no difference either In Eritrea or in Libya

In an era of civilization, the world is tending to some opposite extremes, where some governments are increasingly growing towards dictatorship while others increasingly tending to extremely free democratic governments. What is the trend of Eritrea and Libya? We Eritreans in Libya are the witness for both situations. We see no difference at all, either here or there it is just torture. The only difference is Eritrea is torturing its own citizens while Libya to foreigners. But how they torture is totally similar and it is shame to speak about it in 21st century.

Here I will try to outline the amount of suffer in Libya and Eritrea.