M2M Radio, welcome in the Worldhouse

Address: Nieuwe Herengracht 20, Amsterdam C.

M2M, Migrant to Migrant Radio, is dedicated to informations, conversations, dialogue and  debate on migration. Senegalese artist Cheikh  “Papa”  Sakho and radio-journalist Jo van der Spek created this radio on the internet in the wake of the Schiphol Fire as a means to bring all survivors together, to “Make a life again“.

M2M seeks to look at migration in a new way, together with migrants of all
walks of life, in as many languages as they speak and in all its dimensions.

Radio Teranga (Hospitality) is a new initiative of M2M dedicated to connect with migrants from francophone Africa living in Europe and with Africa itself.

We are happy to announce that The Worldhouse will host a live radio program
every other Friday evening from 7 till 9.30 PM in the space called Quito
(the City of volcano’s!).

We hope to connect with all activities and people going round in The
Worldhouse, in Amsterdam and the world!

Feel free to walk in and see what’s up.

Check and listen to what we produce on our website


The highlights of our first program in the Worldhouse, with Souls at Work:

Click to listen to

Introduction. (English) Food and souls at work, with a candle under the mike.

Radio Teranga. (French, English) Fofana speaks about himself and about Mamadou, who is still in prison after 14 months. And Sali is on the phone from prison. We talk about prison, the system and the lawyers. The good one and the bad ones.

Fofana concludes:  “The law can break the law.”

Contact us at 0624148872 or m2m@streamtime.org


Friday 24th of July: focus on the cleaners, organizing to make a better
living and to gain respect.

Friday 7th of August: focus on domestic workers and their campaign.

From 10 till 14th of August we are live reporting from the trial against our
brother Ahmed Isa, accussed of starting the Schiphol Fire. This is part of
the campaign



No borders between us

Mboolo moi doole

(Together as one)