War Zone Amsterdam

2030: War Zone Amsterdam is an exercise in imagining the unimaginable: a state of war in your own city in the year 2030. A cease-fire has just been announced, and a group of international artists, theatre makers, filmmakers, journalists and intellectuals go out into the city to investigate what the war has done to Amsterdam and its inhabitants.
Listen to Khaled Hourani from Ramallah and Tony Chakar from Beirout

On Saturday 28 November the first phase of the multiyear event 2030: War Zone Amsterdam will be launched in Mediamatic in the Vijzelstraat, with Blitz presentations by thirty international artists and collectives.

M2M recorded a conversation with Menachem Roth, Khaled Hourani, Jamelie Hassan and Katja van Driel

part 1

part 2

Curator Brigitte van der Sande developed the project on the basis of an idea of Partizan Publik. On the same occasion the special issue of Open, Cahier on Art and the Public Domain # 18 will be launched.

Illegal Tribunal, Nov.3rd De Balie

Re-thinking the Schiphol Fire

PROGRAM (here in Dutch)

The Public hearing:

STREAM audio and video


Papa Sakho  tells us what we see

"After the fire we have to learn many things:
About what happened to the Schiphol People,
How they died in the fire.
And also about meeting the migrants.
Why the people move to die in the water.
To get a better life."


 Proposal for a Momentary Migration Monument (Dutch)
By Tjebbe van Tijen Imaginary Museum Projects)


Final of the auction of the poster Reisbureau Rita,
by Jo van der Spek, Sander and Papa Sakho of M2M (Dutch/English)

Four workshops  were held

Organized by: M2M and De Balie

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