Illegal Tribunal, Nov.3rd De Balie

Re-thinking the Schiphol Fire

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The Public hearing:

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Papa Sakho  tells us what we see

"After the fire we have to learn many things:
About what happened to the Schiphol People,
How they died in the fire.
And also about meeting the migrants.
Why the people move to die in the water.
To get a better life."


 Proposal for a Momentary Migration Monument (Dutch)
By Tjebbe van Tijen Imaginary Museum Projects)


Final of the auction of the poster Reisbureau Rita,
by Jo van der Spek, Sander and Papa Sakho of M2M (Dutch/English)

Four workshops  were held

Organized by: M2M and De Balie


The workshops

There is an uncomfortable gap between academic theories about citizenship,
the treatment of refugees and the existence of illegal refugees within western societies, and the actual daily life and realities of these issues in the same societies. On november 3d, a day of workshops around the problematics surrounding citizenship, refugees and ‘illegal’ migrants will be held in de Balie Amsterdam. By focussing on a recent fire in a detentioncenter (de Schipholbrand), and discussions with survivors of this disaster as well as reflecting on its implications for notions like
citizenship,  the two sides, theory and everyday reality will be brought closer together in the form of an illegal tribunal. During these workshops the audience will be invited to investigate the state of affairs around the position of (illegal) migrants.

The 4 workshops  addressed the following topics:

1. Philosophy and the illegal migrant; Hannah Arendt, Giorgio Agamben, Alain
Badiou (In the work of these thinkers, diagnoses of and a background to current problems around migration and illegality are provided, but what are the implications for the current situation, can the work of these thinkers help to rethink the treatment of refugees as it was brought to light by the fire in the Schiphol detention-center? chaired by Ernst van den Hemel and Marc de Wilde)

2. Scapegoats and citizens (a session covering the limits and uses of the
notion of citizenship, and possible alternatives, chaired by Femke
and Merijn Oudenampsen)

3. Disaster and Caretaking (what are the personal and psychological
implications of the excesses in the treatment of refugees, as they were
brought to light by the fire in the Schiphol detention-center? How can a
society take better care of its victims? chaired by Hans Pollen (Kaos Projects) and Jo van der Spek (M2M)

4. Issues for Campaigners (What are the problems campaigners and activists
face when trying to change current excesses in the treatment of migrants?,
chaired by Vincent de Jong and Geert Lovink)

The day was concluded with the public plenary session