Stories and songs from the cleaners’ strike

The long strike of the cleaners ended after 9 weeks on the 22nd of April with an agreement (CAO).  The most diverse strike in Dutch history brings together people from all parts of the world. The cleaners are now 8 weeks on strike and moving in their buses all over the land to push both employers and their contractors to put an end to the degrading working conditions and sub-standard salaries of the cleaners. We are family and we want respect now!

Salam Aleikum, by Cooliballi from Mali

Different Colours, One People

Ibrahim Sow from Senegal and Cooliballi from Mali (French, Wolof and Bambara), Radio Teranga!

Alex, a cleaner at ABN-AMRO bank, working for Asito.

Rita, working at Heineken, emplyed by CSU. (in perfect Dutch)

Song for Mandela

Ben sings in Berber

Solidarity from Russia

and more M2M Radio reports in Dutch.