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brothers and sisters

some people today made a commemoration of the Schiphol Fire. They did it in the town hall of Hoofddorp.
They say it is is the last official commemoration of the fire.

We want to let you know that we don’t do official commemorations.
We don’t want to do this together with the authorities who can do no better than build a new prison for undocumented migrants. They say this one will be more humane.
We don’t think that a prison for undocumented migrants can ever be humane.

migrants are normal and want more freedom

Papa Sakho, Jo van der Spek and Ben Duivenvoorden
Migrant to Migrant

Amsterdam, 26 oktober 2010

UK: dying of deportation

In the United Kingdom asylum seekers are dying as a consequence of racist immigration policy. This concludes the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) in a report.

In the last four years 77 More than a third (28) of the deaths reported by the IRR are people suspected or known to have taken their own lives after their asylum claims had been turned down. Seven are said to have died after being denied health care for “preventable medical problems”, seven are said to have died in prison custody, and 15 are said to have died during desperate and “highly risky” attempts to enter the country.

Undocumented in Amsterdam

The World House staged a symposium on the situation of uncocumented migrants regading health, safety and housing. Here some impressions.

Ibrahim and others

Interview with Andree van Es (Dutch), in charge of diversity in Amsterdam.

Round-up (Dutch)

We watched the documentary Surprising Europe and had a discussion wit the makers.

We found a comment on the new xenophobic Dutch government by  philosopher Slavoj Zizek in the Guardian.  He sees a new fashion in Europe: Reasonble racism.

“We grant ourselves permission to applaud African and east European sportsmen, Asian doctors, Indian software programmers. We don’t want to kill anyone, we don’t want to organise any pogrom. But we also think that the best way to hinder the always unpredictable violent anti-immigrant defensive measures is to organise a reasonable anti-immigrant protection.”

Finally we tried to find an illegal person … check

Domestic Workers support meeting

October 12th more than 100 people shared energy and ideas on how to organize a campaign with the Union of Migrant Domestic Workers for labour and migrants’ rights.

Listen to M2M’s radio report

Through out this year many of you expressed interest and support in many
ways. You have been in our meetings, fundraisings, actions and gatherings.
To date we succeeded in focusing our work in base building and trying to
expand to other cities.  As a result we identified areas in which we cannot
work with our current limited resources. Therefore we are turning to our
allies and we are asking for your support. We are committed to unite all the
migrant domestic workers in the Netherlands to collectively fight for our

Rebeca Pabon

Organizer FNV Bondgenoten
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