Our man at Schiphol Oost

May 21st: Sedraoui is FEEE!

A judge ordererd his release after his laissez-passer expired. Sedraoui gained time by resisting his deportation. Also blood was found in his urine, which led the medical  service to declare him “not fit to fly”.

Sedraoui is 14 months in prison. Three times they tried to deport him as an illegal alien. He resisted, once by swallowing a razor blade. He has been kicked around between 3 different prisons, being accused of organising resistance. He is resisting deportation to Morocco.

He is now at detention complex Schiphol Oost and gives us reports on his situation and on the situation in Block H.

April 27th, after the doctors visit,  Sedraoui raconte in French.

Sedraoui needs treatment for his shoulder, that was injured by his guards.  And he needs medical attention as a patient with Diabetes. He is losing his sight, being nearly blind in one eye. He wants glasses, to see.

His teeth are being pulled out one by one, without any replacement. He wants teeth, to eat.

And he wants all this fast, because in a couple of days the guards may kick him again, and kick him out of the country. To a place where he will surely not get the medical assistance he needs.

Kambiz dead on Dam

Kambiz Roustayi a 36 year old Iranian citizen set himself on fire on the steps of the National Monument for the victims of World War II on the Dam Square in Amsterdam last wednesday April 6. He died one day later in the hospital because of the wounds of his self-immolation. Kambiz Roustayi was a non-recognized political refugee, who had recently been refused again legal status in the Netherlands. Today a ceremony will be held by migration and refugee organizations on the spot where he performed his desperate deed. Bystanders rushed to the man and tried to extinguish the flames by beating their coats on the violent flames. On May fourth there will be once again the commemoration of those who fell in The War with all the state pomp that goes with it… The ashes of this Iranian will have been swept away, but a stain on the national Dutch conscience will remain…