Schiphol Fire again in court

The trial of the Schiphol Fire will start again in October in Den Haag.
Again Ahmed Issa will be judged for his role in starting the fire in de
Detention Complex at Schiphol Oost in the night of October 26th 2005. He was
convicted in 2009 by the High Court of Amsterdam and deported to Libya
immediately after. Almost a year ago the Supreme Court ruled that the
verdict had to be destroyed. The essential injustice is that Ahmed Issa is
convicted for starting the fire, but nobody has been held responsible for
the impact of the fire: eleven dead undocumented migrants and many people
wounded for life.

Before Ahmed Issa comes to the trial he demands a guarantee that he wil not
be arrested like before. A clear answer has not come to our knowledge so

Ahmed Issa is alive in Tripolis. He called M2M after the take-over of
Tripolis to say that he is okay. The situation was dangerous, people were
shooting their guns at random in the air and around. A bullets can hit
you by accident: “you cannot be faster than bullets”, he said. For more than
four months there was no contact by phone or email with our man in Tripolis.

In October survivors and friends, The Schiphol People, will again
commemorate the fire and the dead in various ways.

Listen to the final statement of the survivors after the trial on August 23rd 2009.