Schiphol People call to commemorate the Fire


Brothers and sisters Schiphol People,

This year we will commemorate our eleven dead of the Schiphol Fire on Friday the 26th of October.




The mayor of Haarlemmermeer has spoken with Papa Sakho, Noury, Ahmed and Mrs. Toekaja about the future of the monument. We made it clear that the monument is one whole and that it should stay where it is. The detention complex at Schiphol Oost will be demolished, because the new prison is finished, you can see it if you go from Amsterdam by car to Schiphol. It is to the right of the A4, just before you go into the tunnel.

The monument is the place for the commemoration, with the eleven wooden pillars with the names of the dead, the three trees that we planted in 2008 and later gave to the people of Haarlemmermeer and the stone that was placed by the government at the entrance of the prison.

Now that the Mayor accepts our view we can organize the commemoration with a little support from the Gemeente. They will give us a bus for the day and will pay for the meeting place in Amsterdam and print the official invitation and pay for the stamps. We wish the commemoration to be comfortable and dignified.

If you need a place to sleep in the night, please contact us!


We come together in Amsterdam from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

We hope at OT301, an alternative cultural center.

Adress: Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam.

You can take Tram 1 from Central Station to tram stop J.P.Heijestraat.

After dinner we go by bus to the commemoration at the monument:

Address: Ten Pol 64, 1438 AJ Oude Meer.

And we return with the bus to Amsterdam after midnight.

Papa Sakho, Gladys Toekaja, Ahmad Faical, Noury Momand