The Situation on 12th of September.

 Today Dutch citizens can vote for a new parliament. Todaymore than 40 refugees on the street are camping for weeks already in Sellingen, but the mayor told them to move out on Friday 14th. They will probably move and walk on.

In Amsterdam a growing group of mostly African refugees started on the 4th of September making camp in one tent in the Winter Garden behind the Church charity organization calledProtestantse  Diaconie. There is place for 14 people, but many people come for help to the tent and to the World House. It is a meeting place and a place to come together and find a way to proceed together. Address: Nieuwe Herengracht 20, near Waterlooplein.

On Tuesday 18 the Somali group from AZC Almere  goes to the court session in The Hague to argue against the limitations on their movement (stamping everyday, not moving out of town).

All of us are talking and working to move on together and there are already some great ideas.  There are good ideas for action, and for organizing.

On the 1st of September  30 people from the protest camp in Ter Apel and some supporters came together to talk about the power of the camp and how to build on that. One great idea was to create a Parliament of Refugees for refugees of all nationalities, to find the common ground and purpose and speak with one voice. The reports of the conference are now available for further debate. Together we can make the change that is needed in this country.

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