We Are Here is Four

Wij Zijn Hier is Vier  – Viering van de vierde verjaardag van Wij Zijn Hier.

We Are Here is Four – Celebration of the fourth birthday of We Are Here

On Sunday September 4th 2016

In the garden and premises of the Protestantse Diaconie, Nieuwe Herengracht Amsterdam

An initiative of the former leaders of We Are Here, Ahmed Aden and Oumar Berete on July 9th .

Tulu, Bayissa and Mamadou Diallo support the idea but could not be present.

The initiative is supported by  Migrant to Migrant


The aim of the activities that we will develop towards the date of September 4th is:

  • To say thank you to all the volunteers and supporters
  • To encourage the refugees on the street

In a diverse expression of gratitude we will bring together all the volunteers and supporters, all the organizations and friends and of course all refugees on the street and thereby show that WE are a powerful  movement.

This initiative will encourage the refugees, boost their morale and support them by showing what WE ARE HERE has achieved, how WE are becoming part of society and what we can achieve more if we speak the truth and are not afraid.   Fear is not needed because in the Netherlands we have freedom and democracy. Amsterdam is not Mogadishu or Conakry.

In all our diversity of religion and mentality we all want to live a normal life. The first condition for  normal life is security. Security requires a status that allow us to work, go to school and have a family.



A first brainstorm on the kind of activities that we can organize:

  • African food
  • Story telling
  • Speeches
  • Dance
  • Coffee and tea
  • Singing
  • Children play, possibly in the Vluchtkerk
  • Painting
  • Exposition

A long list of organizations that we want to invite to take part in our activities:

  • ASKV, VWN, Vrouwen tegen Uitzetting, MVVN, Vluchtelingen op Straat/STIL, Churches, Mosques, Student and Universities, Gemeente, the Mayor, COA, GastVrij Oost, Sports, Press, Komitee 21 Maart

How can we do this?

Songs can express gratitude and give encouragement.  Oumar Berete sings a song of gratitude


Jo like the Somali anthem a lot, because it brings him close to Somali brothers and sisters.

Cyriaque ,  aka Tora Amanda is the famous musical star of We Are Here since the tent camp in Osdorp.

We can make a choir to sing all these songs together and give a concert on September 4th.

African Food: Ahmed will ask a Syrian chef and a Somali chef to cook. And work out a budget.

In Den Bosch Oumar will share the plans with Qusay, Thomas and Yusuf

Speeches can be done by Oumar, Ahmed, Tulu, Bayissa, Maryama and Osman, and by supporters Marjan Sax and dokter Co. (But dokter Co also makes beautiful drawings).

We can make an exposition of foto’s that show the history of We Are Here.  Every one can choose one foto and tell the story that belongs to it. Manette Ingenegeren and Gaada Hunde have made foto expositions before, Manette has already agreed to help.

Art works can also be shown. We could already start to make paintings and banners in one of the spaces in the Vluchtgemeente. Painter Papa Sakho can help.

We can ask 5 Euro’s entry from visitors of the exposition in one of the buildings of the Diaconie (the Outsider Art Gallery?)

We can approach museums to host the exposition, we can go on tour to den Bosch, Utrecht and Leiden. Or even to Kismayo. And on internet.


Flyers, with the foto of  hands in the fire. Poster. Banners.


Next steps:

To develop this initiative we will discuss the ideas with the other former leaders and with the refugees who are now in Vluchtgemeente, Vluchtmaat and other places.

The diner offered by GEEF was the first opportunity to share the plan with some 20 people.

We will have a conference  to present the plan and collect more ideas and ways to make it happen.

The initiators will write a letter to the Diaconie to propose the plan to them.



Ahmed and Jo  will apply for funding of the initiative to X-Y before July 20.

We can ask contributions from supporting organizations.

We can ask entrance fees from visitors.

We can sell  food and drinks, and art works and foto´s.