Ahmed Issa deported

Schiphol Brandt DoorAhmed Issa is now in Tripoli and he is allright. He was deported after his trial.

Still we say:

Welcome Ahmed Issa

After the High Court told Ahmed Issa that he is guilty for setting fire, but not for the dead, he was free, for some hours. Then the police took him to prison to be deported to Libya.

In response M2M launched the WELCOME banner ACTION.

Meanwhile, the 4th commemoration is getting closer. Remember the 3rd.

Together with survivors and relatives of the Schiphol People, M2M and All Included initiated a campaign to claim freedom for Ahmed Issa and justice for all survivors of the fire.

Eleven migrants died during a fire in Block K of the detention complex Schiphol East (on the Airport of Amsterdam) in the night of 26-27 October 2005. The inmates of Block K and J were transferred to other Dutch prisons, most of the 300 detainees were deported after the fire. One of the victims of the fire, Ahmed Issa, was sentenced to three years in prison by the Court of Haarlem in 2007. From August 10 until 14 the High Court of Amsterdam dealt with his appeal.

The survivors of the fire will  expressed their solidarity with Ahmed Issa (“Everybody in Block K smoked, so we are all guilty”) with a collective statement to the judges by Mrs. Gladys Toekaja, mother of the deceased Robert Arah on Wednesday 12th at 9.30 a.m.


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The Dutch authorities are putting all the blame of Ahmed Issa claiming that his cigarette started the fire. The Dutch government is responsible for building this prison and is also responsible for the well being and safety of the inmates. They try to evade their shame by using Ahmed Issa as their scape goat (zondebok, in Dutch). The disaster was not caused by a cigarette, but by a sustained policy of criminalising irregular migrants, neglecting and violating safety regulations.

The Security Board, an independent investigative body established the fact the there would have been ¨no or less¨ casualties, if the authorities had complied with their own safety regulations. The deportation and detention complex Schiphol-East was built as expeditiously and cheaply as possible to satisfy the political clamour to create a large number of low-cost cells at the earliest possible notice. The complex was made of containers and meant to keep drug swallowers in custody for only a few days. But up to this day, irregular migrants are being held here, sometimes for more than a year. Safety was not an issue: efficiency was key. The fire at Schiphol thus shows the true face of Dutch immigration policies in all its horror.

The M2M Foundation promotes free communication of migrants and seeks to demonstrate that there are better ways of approaching the realities of global migration issues:  Look with us, not at us. All included.

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Program of Campaign FREE AHMED ISSA

August 10 – 14

Appeal in the Schiphol Fire
the state vs. Ahmed Issa
High Court of Amsterdam in public session
Palace of Justice
Prinsengracht 426
every day from 9.30 a.m.

Live coverage on M2M Radio
from the mediabus in front of the Palace of Justice.
and stories of the Schiphol People

Wednesday 12
At 9.30 Mrs.Gladys Toekaja, mother of Robert Arah (Suriname – Schiphol East 26th of October 2005) makes the Statement of the Victims.

Thursday 13
At 22.30 Beam the House
Urban projections by VJ’s

Roaming in the Netherlands
video installation on rituals of citizenship, somewhere in town

September 15

Theatre “Schiphol fire burns on”
Three acts by
Saleh Hassan Faris: The Fourth War
Caspar Nieuwenhuis and Ben Melis: Donner
Jetty Mathurin: Un Dé
At 8 p.m. in House of Flemish Culture de Brakke Grond
Tickets 11 Euro

Mid October

Illegal Tribunal
Re-thinking the Schiphol Fire
Guided by philosopher Ernst van den Hemel and publicist Willem van Weelden

October 23 and 24

Theatre “Schiphol Fire burns on”
At 9 p.m. Frascati Theatre
Tickets 11 Euro

October 26
The Fourth Commoration of the Schiphol Fire
At detention complex Schiphol Oost, Ten Pol 64 Oude Meer

Organized by All Included and M2M Radio.

info@allincluded.nl and m2m@streamtime.org

tel. (+31)0624148872 or 0659087174.

Your donation to Bankaccount 4864527 All Included, Amsterdam ref: Free Ahmed Issa

Dutch info at http://www.vertrokkengezichten.net