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Their names are Blaise, Mohamed, Ricky

Three among the thousands of migrants in detention in Holland.
Blaise just spent 2 weeks in isolation. This was his punishment for fighting against his deportation.
Mohamed is now almost one year detained at Schiphol Oost. He will be out on the street without money or rights. He has to rely on friendship to survive.
Ricky is a traumatized victim of the Schiphol Fire, and once again detained to be deported. He has a criminal record, which weighs heavier than the responsibility of the state for the fire that caused his trauma.


Ricky at the commemoration, showing where he was in the Schiphol Fire.

Detained migrants need to speak with friends, lawyers and doctors. With persons they can trust, can listen, understand and even act sometimes.
Like anybody else they need to talk with their families around the world.
They call on M2M to ask for help, to find their way out of injustice.
For themselves and for their brothers on the block.
And they ask M2M to give them phone cards.
M2M is doing just that since March 2009.


M2M, Migrant to Migrant,  organizes awareness and support for the detained migrants in Schiphol Oost, Alphen aan den Rijn and Zaandam. We record their calls, we visit them, we make them part of the commemoration of the fire and we receive them when they are released. In return they are enabled to acted, like they did in solidairity with Ahmed Issa during his trial.
Sali, the young guy from Ghana, never gave up and kept the spirit high. He made a rap for Ahmed Issa which he performed in the Worldhouse, after his release, and on the phone to Ahmed Issa in Libya:

listen to Sali

Sali was arrested again at Amsterdam Central Station on Sunday 27 th of December, together with a friend. He is now in detention in Zaandam.

M2M is here to make  connections, to communicate, as migrants to migrants. We do this without a penny of subsidy, as an independent foundation.

about M2M

M2M received in the last years some 700 Euro from Dutch speakers to contribute to the costs of telephone calls.

Now we ask our English readers to make a similar contribution.
Please donate 10 euro to M2M so we can continue to provide this human right to communicate.

Our bank account is on the contact page of M2M

You can also buy a card (Cobra, LIPS, Eurocity) yourself and mail the code to M2M

thanks a lot!

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite

The walls around the detentioncomplex of Alphen aan den Rijn, the biggest in the Netherlands,  are too high.  That’s why we used an old technique. This is Ben throwing up a flag, signalling Sali and the others on the block behind this wall, that we are here.

The strike in protest against the EU deportation charter on the 15th of July is gaining momentum. Listen to Jo talking with Adan Mohamed from Somalia

EU Charter: Sali tells everybody: silence

Following the information on the EU charter, deporting African sans-papiers to Africa from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, NL) due on the 15th, M2M has informed the detainees and called on activists to stage a protest against the collective deportation of African migrants from Europe. With Silence.

Sali is our man in Alphen and he has made all inmates aware of the upcoming collective deportation. Alphen will join Schiphol Oost to make a communication blockade: they will not say a word to the guards, the IND or any other authority. And Mamadou was deported to Chad, but he came back after the Chad authorities refused entry. He is now in Alphen too.
And the kitchen has been closed by the director of detention complex Alphen.

We choose Tuesday 14th of July, the French national day of freedom, equality and brotherhood to manifest our outrage at this EU-policy and our solidaity with the detained migrants.

Since February a group of some 40 detained migrants has organized various
protests, including a hungerstrike. The active support from outside gives them strength. Some of them have been released and feed us with fresh information on life in detention.

Together we have choosen the form of protest: a day of silence. The detainees will not speak with guards, security, immigration services and possibly also boycot refugee Council and lawyers. We have also informed collegues in Italy, France and Spain, in order to create a synchronized protest.

On Tuesday small groups of activists will stand at the gates and fences to salute the detainees. In silence, but visible.

Hearing, seeing, silence.

We ask you to phone and write to your local and national authorities to
demand information on this flight. And to write a letter of alert to the EU
commissioner of Human Rights.

EU deportation flight on July 15th

Amsterdam July 8

Can we accept another  collective deportation of African migrants?

M2M (Migrant to Migrant) has received reliable information that several EU countries have planned a special charter flight from Amsterdamn Airport Schiphol to Africa, carrying tens of undocumented migrants back to Africa. Reliable church sources in Germany and Belgium ask for addictional information and M2M calls for concerted action to protest against this form of “human trafficking”.

We have informed the detained migrants in two of Hollands detention centres: Schiphol Oost and Alphen aan den Rijn. Mamadou from Chad is already 14 months in detention and fears deportation. He has succesfully resisted deportation on several occasions and is a leader of many collective actions in the last year.

Sali called us just now from Detentioncomplex Alphen and we talked about how to resist. Here’s the registration of the conversation of sali and Jo.

We did also talk with Mamadou and others through the fence, during the last commemoration of the Schiphol Fire.   Click here to listen.


Please circulate this information widely in Europe and Africa.

Let us know of any addictional information on this deportation flight you may have.

Let’s come together and organize support for the ongoing resistance inside these prisons.

M2M proposes actions of protest and solidarity on the 14th of July:

Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.

Visit the prisons, make phonecalls, picket lines at Airports, Embassies and Institutions of Repression anywhere.

Jo van der Spek, M2M

No borders between us!

M2M Radio will post all info at

Tel +31624148872

You can make a donation of 11 Euro for telephone cards, flyers and transportation to ING 3452284 Jo van der Spek, Amsterdam, Ref. STOP EU Charter

M2M Radio moves to the Worldhouse to make live stream on Friday from 7 p.m. Nieuwe Herengracht 20, Amsterdam NL

Fofana is free. Live on M2M

Last Wednesday M2M went out to Alphen to visit Fofana and Imran Khan in prison.  The security did not let us do that, so we walked around the building to meet and greet the prisoners on the West and the East. We exchanged some names and numbers and will try to communicate and facilitate.
Meanhwile, Fofana’s lawyer had informed M2M that he would be released this very day! So we stayed around until we could embrace the man. We asked several guards coming out from work if they knew Fofana, but all refused to talk with us. They have strict instructions NOT TO COMMUNICATE.
Well, we don’t and finally we met Fofana at the railway station, where he was dropped off in a blind combi.
He did not know that we were waiting for him, because the security had refused to tell him, so he was kind of lost.
He had never seen anything but prisons in the Netherlands. So there you are at a station under construction, with 2 heavy bags and nowhere to go.


So he was happy we found him! And then we went to a garden by the river and had a soft landing. And he started talking and talking.

We publish here some words, and will talk more with Fofana in the live prohgram this Friday evening.

Phonecards are like diamonds!


Fofana starts making friends in Amsterdams Olympic Stadium.

You are welcome in our temporary studio in the SCUB

De Ruyterkade 153, 10 minutes walk from central Station

And on our web site, where you can listen live

New revolt starts in Alphen

The inmates of Block West A3 of  the detention complex in Alphen a.d. Rijn (Between Amsterdam and Rotterdam) collectively refused to return to their cells on Friday 19th.  All are undocumented migrants,  like Fofana who is already one year detained. They fight again for their freedom, after some of them launched a hungerstrike before, on the 18th of February at Schiphol Oost.  The action has been triggered by the suicide of a guy from Irak. It was inspired also by the visit of ten activists protesting the planned construction of yet another prison at Rotterdam Airport Zestienhoven.

The activists showed their phone number and the inmates started to call them, using LIPS cards.  Later on one of them told M2M that it appears that the uprising was been cut short by riot police who forcefully pushed them inside their cells. Tomorrow is another day.

World Refugee Day.

In Paris a manifestation took place in front of the “Retention Center” of Vincennes. This prison was evacuated a year ago after fire that was  caused by trhe death of a protesting prisoner from Tunesia.

On Saturday 20th hundreds of migrants and activists will act in front of the CIE (Centro de Internamiento de Extranjeros)  of Aluche in Madrid.

so many different names for the same shit

we have only one:

no borders between us

Live stream from SCUB Studio

M2M tactical news service from Amsterdam:


  • M2M Radio, Migrant to Migrant, starts live streaming from the SCUB Social Center Under the Bridge on Friday at 7 pm
  • SCUB starts campaign to survive eviction order: Ymierda!
  • Demonstration against new constructions of detention complex
  • Cleaners launch campaign at Central Bank
  • dnb21
  • Worldhouse hosts conference on illegalized migrants
  • Wolrd Refugees day in Madrid, Paris and Alphen
  • One year after the fire at Paris-Vincennes Retention Center
  • Expo: Lost and Found by Oumar Mbengue

and much more

cu at SCUB Studio

Mano and Jordi cook
Jo and Sakho present
Migrant to Migrant Radio, live stream from SCUB Studio
Starting at 7 p.m.
Open mike free style webradio, all languages spoken.

Yo! We are neighbours!

Ymere Headquarters is at
De Ruyterkade 7
In the Port Building (Havengebouw)
The tall building on the other side of Central Station
M2M tacticial media service


If you don’t know people, they can kill you

Fofana is 23 years old and he has lost the last year of his life in Dutch prisons. As a boy he left Bamako and his family behind and went to his uncle in New York, Brooklyn. Later he lived in Montreal.
Almost a year ago he wanted to visit Italy, with a ticket via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Apparently something was wrong with the ticket so he got stuck. Then somebody advised him to ask for asylum and quickly he was brought to the detention complex for unwanted migrant at  Schiphol East.
Is this the sanction for a wrong ticket, or for asking asylum, for adhering to the wrong advice?  Fofana has been asking this question for a year now. He asked the cops, his lawyer, the IND, the refugee council, his ambassy. Is asking for asylum a crime in this country?
Fofana looks good, like a sportsman. He plays football and basket ball. In prison he does running. And he likes music: hiphop and reggae.
Last week we visted him twice in the new detention complex Alphen aan den Rijn. This is his forth or fifth prison now. On the 26th of June it will be one year. And that’s more than long enough.

Fofana has lost confidence in humanity. For him all people in Holland are the same: lawyers, police, IND, pastors, refugee council, Humanitas are all part of a system that destroys his life and that of his brothers and sisters. He suffers and sees how others suffer with him. He fights and feels the repression.
He tells us on the phone about the everyday resistance. Like the guy from Pakistan who one day refused to clean the unit for only 10 Euro per week. He only asked the chief to let others help him. But the brothers equally refused to do this work for
nothing. Then the unit was not cleaned at all and they had to cook and wash themselves.
When I visited him last Saturday I brought him a T-shirt of the cleaners of Schiphol that are campaigning for respect and better working conditions. They now receive a minimum 10 Euro per hour. I showed him the shirt saying “Power to the cleaners”. He liked it a lot, but we can only give it to him on the 15th of June,  when it is his turn to receive some goodies from outside.
It so happened that the guy from another unit who now does the cleaning was sitting right behind me in the visitors space. He’s Moroccan and is doing time for not having the proper papers. He looks like a pirate with a scarf around his head. And he wants a T-shirt too. In fact everybody wants a T-shirt,  so we ask FNV-Bondgenoten to deliver 20 of them.
As a gesture of support and solidarity.


Fofana sees the other units from a distance. He sees how people fight.  He knows how often people are put in isolation. He sees how a Chinese man in his own unit is fading away, sick, not eating, drinking or sleeping. He knows that 2 inmates died in the last two weeks in Alphen.

Fofana is of course also one of the leaders of the hungerstrike that started on the 18th of February in Block L of Schiphol East.
After this collective uprising Fofana and 5 others were transferred to Kamp Zeist where he spent 6 days in isolation.

Fofana wants to be free. He is tired and desparate.
Let’s send him a big cake filled with gun powder.

and break the walls between us!