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images from the camp of refugees in Ter Apel, Holland May 2012

Refugees without rights created a protest camp in The Netherlands
from May 8 until may 23rd, when they were evicted.

The pictures that were taken by themselves and by professional photographers will be brought together in an
exposition that will circulate through Holland and on the Internet.

M2M made the first presentation on UN International Day of Refugees.

Wednesday 20th of June

Barth Chapel, Brouwersgracht
2K, 2512 ER The Hague

Birth of a band

The World House Fusion Band



click to listen to part 1

listen to part 2

listen to part 3

Close to you Djallo Love song Wailer

In the World House in Amsterdam African and other musicians come together to play.

Listen to Papa Sakho talking with Smiles in the World House studio.

Listen to Deeq‘s song from Somalia

Come and see this African Fusion on Friday August 13th live in the garden of the World House!

Near Waterlooplein at Nieuwe Herengracht 20

Papa Sakho in Ruigoord


July 2, 3 and 4  2010

Papa Sakho exhibits in Ruigoord

Paintings from Africa and Holland

Saturday 3rd of July at 4 p.m.

Opening speech

With M2M, Migrant to Migrant Radio Teranga


Cheikh Sakho (Dakar 1960) brought his art to Amsterdam, to the Waterlooplein market and to the prison for undocumented migrants at Schiphol East. He survided the fire in 2005. He tries to make a life again.

Exposition during

Future Reggae Festival with the Mad Professor

Bus 82 of Connexxion brings you straigh to Cultural Freeport Ruigoord. This leaves from Marnixstraat (Amsterdam) via NS-station Amsterdam-Sloterdijk to Ruigoord and IJmuiden and back. Daily between 7 and 23 hours. t

Free entry with this invitation on Saturday 3rd of July

Illegal Tribunal, Nov.3rd De Balie

Re-thinking the Schiphol Fire

PROGRAM (here in Dutch)

The Public hearing:

STREAM audio and video


Papa Sakho  tells us what we see

"After the fire we have to learn many things:
About what happened to the Schiphol People,
How they died in the fire.
And also about meeting the migrants.
Why the people move to die in the water.
To get a better life."


 Proposal for a Momentary Migration Monument (Dutch)
By Tjebbe van Tijen Imaginary Museum Projects)


Final of the auction of the poster Reisbureau Rita,
by Jo van der Spek, Sander and Papa Sakho of M2M (Dutch/English)

Four workshops  were held

Organized by: M2M and De Balie

Continue reading Illegal Tribunal, Nov.3rd De Balie

making community in the Worldhouse

Notice:  The commemoration of the Schiphol Fire  (26-10-2005) will take place on Monday 26th of October. The Schiphol People will stand together with the eleven dead at their monument at the foot of the fence of the detention complex at Schiphol Oost.

The Blue House on IJburg will be open from 12 in the morning.
Welcome everybody!

On Friday  October 2nd we had another  session of M2M Radio, with Sakho, Jo, Jean, Elisa, Carmen, Johnson and Ahmed Issa :

Welcome in the Worldhouse
Le mot illegal, Jean de Cameroun (french)
The art of communication.: making community
Sali raps
And Sali raps again, for Ahmed Issa


Dedicated to Ahmed Issa

Hey Yo, Ahmed
My brother from another mother
No matter how far you fall down
you gotta be ready to stand up.
Stay strong and never give up.
Life is hard, so let’s keep trying.
No harm in trying so make it happen

Life is gonna be the way
you want it to be.
To be a man is not easy.
Many things I learn in prison
bless and still living
try to earn every peny
that I am getting.

Since the beginning of my mission.
When I was conceived
to come in this position

This reminds me of my forefather
who fought and died while demanding
for freedom to live.

Thanks to M2M for making it real.
This is the voice of your lovely brother
Prince Malik.


Art for Ahmed Issa

The day Colonel Gaddafi made a courageous humanitarian gesture and came to Schiphol to pick-up his countryman Ahmed Al-J.

Art works by Tjebbe van Tijen, publisher of The Limping Messenger and curator of  Imaginary Museum Projects.



Two days ago I went to a combined theatre performance and action meeting in the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam in support of the the Libyan migrant Ahmed Al-J. who has been at the center of years of court cases and juridical and technical researches about a fatal fire on October 27, 2005 in a detention center at Schiphol airport for migrants, waiting for the result of their appeal against planned extradition. Ahmed had at first been labeled by the court as the main culprit, because of a burning cigaret in his cell that set the whole section of the center aflame an left 11 people dead. Recently he has been acquited of this charge, as a whole series of management and construction mistakes have come to light, as result of a series of inquiries and counter-inquiries. I will not further detail this case too much here as the facts are widely known by now. The incessant support for the traumatized migrants by several action groups (of which at least two should be mentioned here Migrant To Migrant/M2M and All Included), lawyers and some politicians, have had some concrete results, but the essential question of who is to be held responsible for the fact that a single cigarette in a prison-like new facility can lead to so many victims, has still not been answered in a satisfactory way. Singling out the Libyan migrant and his cigaret has allowed to keep out of focus the planners, management and local authorities who have to control the safety of this detention facility (located at Schiphol Oost). Many see this as a form of scapegoating.

Observe this unfolding story in all its details at The Limping Messenger

ACTION: Banners WELCOME everywhere


The campaign FREE AHMED ISSA has launched a nationwide action to make and distribute banneres with WELCOME in as many languages, colours, places and shapes as we can. The start was Saturday 12th on the Museumplein.






Everywhere around Holland banners are appearing in public places.


The first banner was made on the day of the verdict (Sept. 3rd) in arab, saying



Say Welcome to Ahmed Issa, detained again to be deported to Libya

Welcome to all refugees, migrants and other egals

hospitality yes, exclusion no

please send the pictures of your contribution to m2m[at]

D-Day in Court

Today in the afternoon the judge will read the verdict against Ahmed Issa, accused of seting fire in his cell.
The camapign FREE AHMED ISSA has staged a big welcome in front of court. We may have to defend his freedom again, because even if he is acquitted, he may be brought back to the detention complex, for being undocumented.
We don’t believe the IND and the Ministry of Justice will go to such an extreme, but how can we trust them?

The radical rapper Appa will perform on the street in front of the Palace of Justice, together with other actors and musicians.
And of course the Schiphol People are here. Together as one.

Come and join us at Prinsengracht 436 (near Leidseplein)
Send message of support to
Donate some cash for the costs to 4864527 of All Included,
Amsterdam, ref. Free AHMED ISSA.

After the verdict and the welcome ceremony we move to the Balie, around the corner across Leidseplein. Here we give a press conference and a theaterplay called “Donner“. It is a public confession by the ex-minister of Justice, who we claim is the first responsible for the Schiphol Fire.

M2M Radio will stream the event in De Balie live from ca. 3 p.m.

Trouw today published a short essay by philosopher Ernst van den Hemel.

The complete long text is at (in Dutch).
This essay is the start of a long due debate on how to deal with migrants in a human way.

On Tuesday November 3rd. the campaign organizes an “Illegal Tribunal”:  a re-thinking of the fire, from various angles, to learn and change.

In the evening the Schiphol People are invited for an Iftar meal by Assadaaka, a social volunteer association in the Indische Buurt.

Welcome ceremony for Ahmed Issa

On Thursday the 3rd of September Ahmed Issa will hear the judge’s verdict as to whether he is guilty for the Schiphol Fire. We will be there, with our bus and friends to support and welcome Ahmed Issa.

We hope you can be with us, to show the world that we are together in our struggle for justice, to make a life again.

The prosecutor, Mr. Hans Wesselink, has created some confusion by demanding “only” 2 years and 24 days in prison. This is exactly the amount of time Ahmed has already spent in prison following the fire. Thus, this means that he still thinks Ahmed Issa is guilty, but has been punished enough. Many people think that he has been acquitted already, but that’s a wrong conclusion.

Lawyer Eduard Damman has demanded “vrijspraak”, acquittal for Ahmed Issa, as there is no evidence that he did it. We all know that the state built that bloody detention complex and is responsible for the well being of all inside.

But on Thursday Septemer 3rd at 1.30 p.m. the judges will decide: guilty or free. That is what matters.

After the verdict we will create a special ceremony to welcome Ahmed Issa. We invite artists, musicians, performers, etc. to create an event that looks a bit like the commemoration. Jos Zandvliet, Jose Tojo and Appa have already promised to come. Sjors Knol needs only 165 Euro to create this:


The Dutch flag is sown to the trousers of the artist, and pulling legs:)

It will be a spontaneous event, to share the feeling and say what we have to say. We have announced this to the media and call on everybody to join us.

We have a license for this manifestation and we are cool with the court, so we don’t have to be afraid of the cops.

At 3 o’clock we will go to De Balie, just around the corner on the Leidseplein, to give a press conference. In the Press Conference, we will present a theatre called “Donner”. In this production, an ex-minister of Justice is struggling with his words, and his bad conscience, trying to make a confession to a priest, but failing.

With this act we make clear who is really responsible, and who should really do something to make things better for Ahmed Issa, the Schiphol People and all other migrants. It is for the government to learn from their mistakes.

Another problem

After the verdict Ahmed Issa can be arrested by the IND (the Immigration and Naturalisation Service) as he continues to be an “illegal alien” under Dutch law. While the possibility of him being arrested is slim, it is nonetheless a concern. Especially because he maybe jailed in a detention comlex again…

So even if he is free, he can go to prison immediately after
the judge has spoken. Three lawyers have confirmed to M2M that this is possible. And we know that the IND can do what they want with socalled illegal migrants. We know that Miloud Fritass was deported last January, even though he was in K, is traumatized and recognized as a victim. He even received compensation money. So we have no guarantee that they will let Ahmed Issa walk free.

That is another reason why we have to be there,
to make sure that Ahmed Issa is really free
to make him feel good and comfortable when he comes out of the palace of


After the verdict, the welcome ceremony and the press conference with theatre we can relax and hopefully celebrate.
Ahmed Issa has told us that he observes Ramadan, like many of us. This means: no food or drinks before sunset. Respect.

Jo and Sakho and Vincent
M2M and All Included
tel 0624148872

Donations are very welcome too!

Triodos bank 390271918 St. M2M Amsterdam