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Ter Apel Camp Radio records

M2M’s Open Camp Radio in Ter Apel happened from May 14th till the end on May 23rd. We publish the  recordings in four languages. English, Dutch, Arab and Somali.
We start with the high lights:

Doctor Co van Melle recording his own detention. (Dutch) click

The opening of the live radio with Ahmed Al Obaidy and Sam Saeed (English, Arab, Somali) click

An Eritrean woman telling the mayor , Mrs. Leontien Kompier, why she is here in the camp. click


Walk like a Somali

Webradio Program on Friday Jan. 20th  from 4 p.m. till late

Live Webradio: M2M stream:

Patapoe in MP3

Patapoe in OGG

Young Somali refugees who are forced to survive in the streets in Holland have taken the lead in organizing demonstrations and camps to demand their basic human rights. The Dutch right wing governments drive to harrass undocumented mighrants out of the country leads to thousands of humans from Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, Guinee and other countries having to live on the street. There is no shelter for them in official centers and the charity shelters that existed before are at best full or had to close for lack of money. Or the first time in Dutch history a powerful and proud group of illegalized refugees has taken action in its own hands, demanding a chance to live.
On Friday 20th of January Dutch activists join hands with the Somali activists for a “Public Conspiratorial Meeting” on how to make a change in Dutch migration politics. Together we can walk tall!

No more human beings on the street without a chance to live here or in their homeland.

Join the show, come to Amsterdam on January 20th from 4 p.m. till after midnight.

Beat the Borders

Walk like a Somali!

Venue: OT301, Overtoom 301

Program and Info

Live stream with M2M Radio  and on Radio Patapoe at  FM in Amsterdam

Listen to Nuredin, Halad, Sarah and friends in Vught talking with Jo M2M:

part 1 Welcome!

part 2 Jump like a Somali!

part 3 Somali Anthem

Our man at Schiphol Oost

May 21st: Sedraoui is FEEE!

A judge ordererd his release after his laissez-passer expired. Sedraoui gained time by resisting his deportation. Also blood was found in his urine, which led the medical  service to declare him “not fit to fly”.

Sedraoui is 14 months in prison. Three times they tried to deport him as an illegal alien. He resisted, once by swallowing a razor blade. He has been kicked around between 3 different prisons, being accused of organising resistance. He is resisting deportation to Morocco.

He is now at detention complex Schiphol Oost and gives us reports on his situation and on the situation in Block H.

April 27th, after the doctors visit,  Sedraoui raconte in French.

Sedraoui needs treatment for his shoulder, that was injured by his guards.  And he needs medical attention as a patient with Diabetes. He is losing his sight, being nearly blind in one eye. He wants glasses, to see.

His teeth are being pulled out one by one, without any replacement. He wants teeth, to eat.

And he wants all this fast, because in a couple of days the guards may kick him again, and kick him out of the country. To a place where he will surely not get the medical assistance he needs.

Birth of a band

The World House Fusion Band



click to listen to part 1

listen to part 2

listen to part 3

Close to you Djallo Love song Wailer

In the World House in Amsterdam African and other musicians come together to play.

Listen to Papa Sakho talking with Smiles in the World House studio.

Listen to Deeq‘s song from Somalia

Come and see this African Fusion on Friday August 13th live in the garden of the World House!

Near Waterlooplein at Nieuwe Herengracht 20

Papa Sakho in Ruigoord


July 2, 3 and 4  2010

Papa Sakho exhibits in Ruigoord

Paintings from Africa and Holland

Saturday 3rd of July at 4 p.m.

Opening speech

With M2M, Migrant to Migrant Radio Teranga


Cheikh Sakho (Dakar 1960) brought his art to Amsterdam, to the Waterlooplein market and to the prison for undocumented migrants at Schiphol East. He survided the fire in 2005. He tries to make a life again.

Exposition during

Future Reggae Festival with the Mad Professor

Bus 82 of Connexxion brings you straigh to Cultural Freeport Ruigoord. This leaves from Marnixstraat (Amsterdam) via NS-station Amsterdam-Sloterdijk to Ruigoord and IJmuiden and back. Daily between 7 and 23 hours. t

Free entry with this invitation on Saturday 3rd of July

Thanks a lot!

Their names are Blaise, Mohamed, Ricky

Three among the thousands of migrants in detention in Holland.
Blaise just spent 2 weeks in isolation. This was his punishment for fighting against his deportation.
Mohamed is now almost one year detained at Schiphol Oost. He will be out on the street without money or rights. He has to rely on friendship to survive.
Ricky is a traumatized victim of the Schiphol Fire, and once again detained to be deported. He has a criminal record, which weighs heavier than the responsibility of the state for the fire that caused his trauma.


Ricky at the commemoration, showing where he was in the Schiphol Fire.

Detained migrants need to speak with friends, lawyers and doctors. With persons they can trust, can listen, understand and even act sometimes.
Like anybody else they need to talk with their families around the world.
They call on M2M to ask for help, to find their way out of injustice.
For themselves and for their brothers on the block.
And they ask M2M to give them phone cards.
M2M is doing just that since March 2009.


M2M, Migrant to Migrant,  organizes awareness and support for the detained migrants in Schiphol Oost, Alphen aan den Rijn and Zaandam. We record their calls, we visit them, we make them part of the commemoration of the fire and we receive them when they are released. In return they are enabled to acted, like they did in solidairity with Ahmed Issa during his trial.
Sali, the young guy from Ghana, never gave up and kept the spirit high. He made a rap for Ahmed Issa which he performed in the Worldhouse, after his release, and on the phone to Ahmed Issa in Libya:

listen to Sali

Sali was arrested again at Amsterdam Central Station on Sunday 27 th of December, together with a friend. He is now in detention in Zaandam.

M2M is here to make  connections, to communicate, as migrants to migrants. We do this without a penny of subsidy, as an independent foundation.

about M2M

M2M received in the last years some 700 Euro from Dutch speakers to contribute to the costs of telephone calls.

Now we ask our English readers to make a similar contribution.
Please donate 10 euro to M2M so we can continue to provide this human right to communicate.

Our bank account is on the contact page of M2M

You can also buy a card (Cobra, LIPS, Eurocity) yourself and mail the code to M2M

thanks a lot!

You can’t quantify affection

Celebrating Migrants Day in Holland.  With a great story by Sami Gathii

The Diaspora Forum for Development in the Netherlands staged a Dialogue between Migrant’s Organisations and Civil Society on the occasion of International Migrants Day.
Mr. Wim Stoffers, representing Oxfam-Novib, played the role of Devil’s advocate regarding the issue of remittances. He stated that all the money migrants send home does not really do a lot for development.
Oxfam-Novib is the main funder of the DFD Platform so his provocative opening led to some debate.

Wim Stoffers

Even more provocative proved Mr.Stoffers statement that migrants are not necessarily suited to do development work in their native countries, basically because they have often grown apart from their soil. “There is no special role for migrants in development.”

Wim Stoffers

Grace Cabactulan of DFD responded to these critical remarks in a most elegant way: “You can’t question love. You cannot quantify affection.”

In the end they agree that you can organize it better, so affection becomes more effective.

Illegal Tribunal, Nov.3rd De Balie

Re-thinking the Schiphol Fire

PROGRAM (here in Dutch)

The Public hearing:

STREAM audio and video


Papa Sakho  tells us what we see

"After the fire we have to learn many things:
About what happened to the Schiphol People,
How they died in the fire.
And also about meeting the migrants.
Why the people move to die in the water.
To get a better life."


 Proposal for a Momentary Migration Monument (Dutch)
By Tjebbe van Tijen Imaginary Museum Projects)


Final of the auction of the poster Reisbureau Rita,
by Jo van der Spek, Sander and Papa Sakho of M2M (Dutch/English)

Four workshops  were held

Organized by: M2M and De Balie

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