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A friend has died

A bird doesn’t sing because it has a message. It sings because it has a song.

Papa Kane was always there
Cooking and sharing, being here
with us
in the Radio
in The Blue House
with Papa Sakho
and Jo
and Irene
and Alessio
and Tati
and Jaromil
and all guests of M2M Radio
or Radio Ruisriet in those days

And then,  suddenly,  Papa Kane disappeared.
He made a mistake.
He was left to himself in Italy
and Atie and their daughters here in Friesland.

And then, the bad news.
Papa Kane has died.

We mourn
together as one
for Papa Kane.

As a gesture of respect, we joined papa Kane’s brotherhood in the Dara in
Amsterdam Noord today. They told us what they know, and what they did so
Together with the mother of Papa Kane’s children they decided to bring the
body back to Touba.

We invite you to make a gesture,  a contribution to his funeral in Touba,
his place to rest in Senegal.

Papa Sakho

Jo van der Spek

M2M Radio Teranga

Please do it right away, because we have only two days to collect the 4500
Euro’s to pay the bills.

Giro 755398 tnv Stichting Wakeur Borom Touba, Amsterdam. o.v.v. Papa Kane.

Celebrating 2 years M2M Radio

On the 10th of February 2007 The Blue House roared with a new sound: the
sound of a radio being born.
We called it Radio Ruisriet, because we liked the association with the
sound of weeds and reeds that were whistling here when IJburg wasn’t.
There is one zen poet who wrote a few nice lines about Ruisriet, but
somehow we never laid our microphone to her lips.

Anyway, the new born radio baby was conceived as a tool in the hands of
the Schiphol People: the survivors of the Schiphol Fire and their friends,
buddies and other supporting activists, artists, reseachers and

The Blue House and the weekly live radio program around the dinner table
became a meeting place of all concerned. Here we commemorated the fire and
the dead, here we tried to make a life again.

We regard the fire as the final proof that it is inhuman to confine people
in a detention center, just because you deny their right to be here. The
price a society pays for excluding human beings is losing its humanity
itself. Humans are not banana’s. That is why we speak not only about the
fire. We deal with migrants, with migration, survival, art and
metamorphosis in general.

The mission of M2M is to make free communication and to look at migration
in a different way. Look with us, not at us.

M2M is 2 now and on its own feet. M2M is moving and growing like our
Moving Tree. We pop up in unexpected places.

Because we are here, and we are everywhere!

M2M Radio

5/12: money and justice

This our last live program of 2008.          Eid Mubarak!

Papa Sakho speaking with Selle Diop in Senegal about the commemoration of France. (French-Wolof)

Pooja and Cherrak taking pictures of the crew. It’s our last meeting for 2008.

We have 2 special guests today: filmer Martin Hansen creator of the website Surprising Europe and Ozz Tatari who is looking into the faces of the guards of Rotterdams floating prison.

Richelle is our cook today, we thank the Frida’s foor cooking somany times.

Interview by Jo van der Spek with Peter Sonder (Dutch, English)). All victims of the Schiphol Fire in K and J can get 10.000 Euro  compensation. But only if they can prove that they suffer from PTSS because of the fire. Call 0332541746 (Monday-Friday)

A round table on money and justice, with Cherrak, Sakho, Jennifer, Martin, Ozz and Jo. And a story of Tati in the shower.

We’ll be back on the air on the 9th of January 2009

Survivors and relatives

Who are the survivors of the Schiphol Fire?

There were 85 people locked up in block J and K. They are the officially  recognized survivors of the fire. Bart Zuidervaart of newspaper Trouw published their story the day before the Commemoration. On the flash map (below) you can see the names of those known to us. But many are still unidentified. They are from China, Turkey, Rumania, Ex-Yogoslavia, etc.  In all there were people from 36 different nationalities.

Besides block J and K, many people in Block D, next to block K, are equally traumatized by the fire that happened in front of their eyes. They sounded the first alarm, but they were neglected by the guards. These people have not been seen as victims or survivors. They were in for smuggling cocaine from Latin America and arrested at their entry on the airport. The prison complex has actually been constructed to tackle the rising number of people from Suriname who try to make a buck this way.

And then there are another 150 people who were in other blocks. They were also undocumented migrants from all over the world. And they were deported as soon as possible after the fire. Nobody knows who they are and how they survive these days.

The relatives of the eleven dead, some of them in Holland, but most in distant places, are trying to cope with their loss in their own way. We reach out to them, like we reach out to all brothers and sisters affected and by the fire and by the politics that caused it.

And we don’t forget the helpers: those guards who really tried to save lives, the fire brigade that arrived too late to face the fire and the health workers who did not distinguish between legal and illegal patients.

The eleven dead have been documenmted by Jannetje Koelewijn in NRC Handelsblad.

This is a map of cellblock K. Move over the cells voor information (in Dutch) about the people who were locked there the day of the fire.

Welcome Jennifer

(click here to listen to the full program of October 10th)

M2M Radio attended the 16th memorial of the El Al plane crash that hit the Bijlmermeer in 1992. Gathered around the “Tree that saw everyting”, the 200 mainly Surinam attendants find inspiration in the tree of life.  (Dutch)

Twaio speaks on the African Roots Movement as its general secretary. And he explains why they organize a memorial for Fela Anikulapo Kuti on the 19th of October from 5 p.m. in No Limits (Metro Ganzenhoef). And then we dance.

And we listen to  the memorial for Mike Osei.

Ferdous shows her model for the Tree. The centerpiece of the extended monument for the 11 victims of the Schiphol Fire.

Cherrak and Papa Sakho meet Jennifer, another victim of the Fire. She finally finds her brothers. She was next to the K wing, in D for Drugs… How far was D from K? (Mixed Dutch and English)

Pretty close.

We are all victims of the Fire.

Facing death.

Moet samen werken.

Als ik ben boos, ik praat Nederlands.

Nico Sharapov. Survivor of Uzbekistan and of the Schiphol Fire. (Dutch)

“Elf mensen verbranden. Kan ik ook. Verbranden. Die mensen wilden ook leven.”

Nico Steijnen, the lawyer chasing the minsiters for the Schiphol Fire needs the signature of survivor Cherrak to sue them at European Court level. Dutch law prohibits minsiters to be subjected to criminal law, when acts were committed in their political capacity. (Dutch)

Advocaat Nico Steijnen heeft in 2005 een aanklacht geformuleerd tegen de ministers Donner en Verdonk. Maar de Hoge Raad houdt vol dat ministers niet vervolgd kunnen worden voor misdaden in functie. Nico legt uit.

Nu wil Nico in beroep gaan bij het Europse Hof. Maar dat kan alleen als een van de overlevenden zijn handtekeningen zet onder de aanklacht.

Hij moet Cherrak overtuigen. Wat wordt hij er wijzer van? Wat is het verband tussen de aanval op Donner en Verdonk en de verdediging van het leven van de slachtoffers? Een dialoog?

And Selle Diop told us the news from Senegal, about a man who was deported by Italy two years ago. He got crazy and killed a girlf of 11. You may read the story in the french newspaper Soleil.

Mixed Feelings

(click on the arrow to listen to the full program of October 3rd)

De Bijlmerramp van 1992, de Schipholbrand van 2005 en de dood van Mike Osei op 4 oktober 2007. Wat is de overeenkomst?

The plane crash on the Bijlmer on the 4th of Oct. 1992, The Schiphol Fire of the 26th of Oct.2005 and the death of Mike Osei on the 4th of Oct. 2007. What is the connection?

Ibrahim Benai cannot make it to the commemoration, he is going to see his mother in Algeria. (Dutch, French).

Bart Zuidervaart (Trouw) interviews Papa Sakho… He will publish a 4 page article on the aftermath of the fire. Where are the survivors of K?

Cherrak is back! (Dutch)

Radio Teranga

Charlie Dillinger Souare in Dakar (Wolof)

Selle Diop (Wolof, French)

Bubakar Cissé, manager of the International Agricultural Fair of Dakar. Vive la cooperation international! (Wolof, French)

Steve, correspondent in Kinshasa (French)

Olayinka Fatoba on the phone. Let’s get together and find consolation.

Dank je wel Graciano voor de sleutel. Muppy, don’t forget to gimme back mine… De bus van CIVIC en UCstation staat voor de Family. Maar hoe lang gaat dat goed? Michel stapt binnen. Multiculti gedoe alom. Het wordt hier toch niet Lelystad? Samen of knokken, that’s the question. For CIVIC toch. Ferdouz is happy. Piet too, to bring food from the Toko. Hot and spicy Roti’s. Bart the reporter arrived. Ferdouz disappeared to fetch her foto’s. Andrea worked too hard.. and gets a good beating. Where is Ricky? Herman Wouters took photo’s, with a camera covered in duck tape. Continue reading Mixed Feelings

This evening on M2M Radio

Sous l’arbre a palabre de Radio Teranga

sous couvert de M2M radio)

Ousmane Ndione reports from Madrid on the fate of two Senegalese brothers. One of them died after a fight with knives. He was killed by Spanish white guys. The police first wanted to see his ID, before calling an ambulance. African and Arab youth joined forces to defend and attack… Yousef, youth worker in Madrid comments: “The problem is cultural, is discrimination.”
We meet Balla Thaim (Wolof) in Dakar.

Steve Wembi, our new correspondent reports from Kinshasa, Congo, on migration and China.

We celebrate with Mustapha Mujahid that he finally gets his residence permit, like the other survivors of the Schiphol Fire!

We receive Sarah van Sonsbeeck, who is mapping the sounds and silence on IJburg from the Blue House. Walk about with her on Saturday 27th of September from 12 o’clock, starting from the Blue House. On IJburg. Warning: she is going for the extremes.
And another guest is Vincenzo who shows his network Mocambos in Brazil and Mozambique. It’s a network of communities of the Quilombos. (Portugues)  Frida understands that!

Jalan Jalan festival on the Timorplein, Indische Buurt, Amsterdam. Jos Zandvliet aan de lijn.

mboole moi doole! Cherrak definitely needs a lap top. And Jo wants a bicycle. Who does NOT want a laptop? And a bicycle! Sakho sez: grijs. Muppy is the cable guy, playing cool. Where is Irene? Frida is early with her lovely food. Muit obrigada! Sarah van Sonsbeeck heeft net nog meegegeten. Noise Works. De regen maakt IJburg weer waterstad. Jamming with Sakho and Vincenzo. Then arrived Jaromil, and both Manolo‘s. Real Freaknet Brothers. Djerreudjef

Freedom letters

Our guest today is a Lion of Africa. He dances with his eyes and will be a surprise to your ears. He listens to the name of Khadim Ndjaye (he’s the one on the left shoulder). He speaks in Wolof with Cheikh Sakho, while Jackie and Emilie listen. Tshjesch Mupeteer. We all enjoy what Frida cooked. And did iftar together with Khadim. Continue reading Freedom letters

Radio M2M, August 22nd

Kevin and Chivaro report on their party in the Diemerpark. (Dutch)

Happy Birthday David! English, Portuguese

Basisschool “De Parel” op Wittenburg vierde feest. Yansa en Seref leiden ons rond. Op zoek naar Jos. Dutch

Alo Dakar, les nouvelles de Senegal pour vous Senegalais et tous ses amis. Avec Selle Diop et ses amis! (Wolof)

NEWS*** Journalists struggling in Dakar with Minister of handicraft and air transport.***