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Celebrating 2 years M2M Radio

On the 10th of February 2007 The Blue House roared with a new sound: the
sound of a radio being born.
We called it Radio Ruisriet, because we liked the association with the
sound of weeds and reeds that were whistling here when IJburg wasn’t.
There is one zen poet who wrote a few nice lines about Ruisriet, but
somehow we never laid our microphone to her lips.

Anyway, the new born radio baby was conceived as a tool in the hands of
the Schiphol People: the survivors of the Schiphol Fire and their friends,
buddies and other supporting activists, artists, reseachers and

The Blue House and the weekly live radio program around the dinner table
became a meeting place of all concerned. Here we commemorated the fire and
the dead, here we tried to make a life again.

We regard the fire as the final proof that it is inhuman to confine people
in a detention center, just because you deny their right to be here. The
price a society pays for excluding human beings is losing its humanity
itself. Humans are not banana’s. That is why we speak not only about the
fire. We deal with migrants, with migration, survival, art and
metamorphosis in general.

The mission of M2M is to make free communication and to look at migration
in a different way. Look with us, not at us.

M2M is 2 now and on its own feet. M2M is moving and growing like our
Moving Tree. We pop up in unexpected places.

Because we are here, and we are everywhere!

M2M Radio

This evening on M2M Radio

Sous l’arbre a palabre de Radio Teranga

sous couvert de M2M radio)

Ousmane Ndione reports from Madrid on the fate of two Senegalese brothers. One of them died after a fight with knives. He was killed by Spanish white guys. The police first wanted to see his ID, before calling an ambulance. African and Arab youth joined forces to defend and attack… Yousef, youth worker in Madrid comments: “The problem is cultural, is discrimination.”
We meet Balla Thaim (Wolof) in Dakar.

Steve Wembi, our new correspondent reports from Kinshasa, Congo, on migration and China.

We celebrate with Mustapha Mujahid that he finally gets his residence permit, like the other survivors of the Schiphol Fire!

We receive Sarah van Sonsbeeck, who is mapping the sounds and silence on IJburg from the Blue House. Walk about with her on Saturday 27th of September from 12 o’clock, starting from the Blue House. On IJburg. Warning: she is going for the extremes.
And another guest is Vincenzo who shows his network Mocambos in Brazil and Mozambique. It’s a network of communities of the Quilombos. (Portugues)  Frida understands that!

Jalan Jalan festival on the Timorplein, Indische Buurt, Amsterdam. Jos Zandvliet aan de lijn.

mboole moi doole! Cherrak definitely needs a lap top. And Jo wants a bicycle. Who does NOT want a laptop? And a bicycle! Sakho sez: grijs. Muppy is the cable guy, playing cool. Where is Irene? Frida is early with her lovely food. Muit obrigada! Sarah van Sonsbeeck heeft net nog meegegeten. Noise Works. De regen maakt IJburg weer waterstad. Jamming with Sakho and Vincenzo. Then arrived Jaromil, and both Manolo‘s. Real Freaknet Brothers. Djerreudjef

Statement on the Xenophobic Attacks in Jo’burg

Abahlali baseMjondolo
Wednesday, 21 May 2008

There is only one human race.
Our struggle and every real struggle is to put the human being at the centre of society, starting with the worst off.
An action can be illegal. A person cannot be illegal. A person is a person where ever they may find themselves.
If you live in a settlement you are from that settlement and you are a neighbour and a comrade in that settlement.
We condemn the attacks, the beatings, rape and murder, in Johannesburg on people born in other countries. We will fight left and right to ensure that this does not happen here in KwaZulu-Natal.

from Zabalaza, A Journal of Southern African Class Struggle Anarchism Continue reading Statement on the Xenophobic Attacks in Jo’burg

Freedom letters

Our guest today is a Lion of Africa. He dances with his eyes and will be a surprise to your ears. He listens to the name of Khadim Ndjaye (he’s the one on the left shoulder). He speaks in Wolof with Cheikh Sakho, while Jackie and Emilie listen. Tshjesch Mupeteer. We all enjoy what Frida cooked. And did iftar together with Khadim. Continue reading Freedom letters

Remember the Schiphol Fire

Soon we will commemorate the Schiphol Fire.
For the third time.
On Saturday the 26th of October the survivors will be together in pain.
Thinking of the eleven brothers and sisters who died in the hands of an inhuman system.
Thinking of how they try to live after the fire, after another year of prison, hospital and trauma.
Thinking of the brothers who are still considered illegal.
Thinking of Ahmed Isa, who is awaiting his appeal, still accused of being the sole responsible for the fire.

You are invited to show your respect and join in solidarity.
Contact us: m2m[at]

The first Commemoration in 2006 (English) Vertrokken gezichten (Dutch)
Speech at Kamp Zeist in 2007 by Jo van der Spek in support of Ahmed Isa (English)

Sean Bergin 60: jazz lives!

Sunday 29th of June, live jazz in cafe de Engelbewaarder. Chief Sean Bergin turns 60 and jams with old and new friends.
Daughter Juna sings Wishing on a star.
And you can watch Victors tap dance! (Nokia or Quicktime)

Line up:
Sean Bergin (sax and flute),Rogerio Bicudo (guitar), Juna (voice), Victor de Boo (drum), Han Bennink (drums), Jacco Schoonderwoerd (bass), Leo Bouwmeester (keyboard), Boy Raaymakers (trompet), Roberto Haliffi (drums), Olaf Zwetsloot (sax), Chris Byrd (keyboard) and more

Song 1
Sean , Jacco, Victor, Leo
Song 2
with Juna singing
Song 7 Ik zou je het liefste in een doosje willen doen.
Juna sings it all. Leo on keyboard.
Song 11
Chris, Jacco, Roberto, Boy, Olaf
Song 12
Song 13
Rogerio, Sean (flute)

From IJburg to Africa

FRONTEX. A meeting with Amadou M’Bow, human rights activist from Mauretania.
In Warsaw is the head quarters of Frontex, the European Agency that defends the borders of Europe and penetrates Africa. In Warsaw an international action took place on the 6th of June, see indymedia (Dutch and English)
Amadou spoke to the press. How the EU is constructing a wall in the heart of Africa as a reaction to Africans drowning in the ocean, on their way to the Canary Islands. About Frontex Amadou told us how European countries send experts and materials to stop Africans from crossing borders. With Papa Sakho he speaks (French) about an Africa without borders. “Le desir de se deplacer”.

Kennismaking met IJburgs Marktmeester Stef Spigt, architect van de sociale cohesie. Een inclusieve spin in het netwerk.

There’s nothing wrong in detention centers for undocumented migrants, according to Mrs. Albayrak, secretary of state. She reacts on accusations made by Jean-Marie and Mohamed and a guard in a recent TV report. Expert comment from our source

No to Soviet planning on IJburg

Ana Sebastian, reads with Jo from her novel and meets Papa Sakho. Ana is a writer migrating between Buenos Aires and Amsterdam. She lived 15 years in Amsterdam, and then moved back to Buenos Aires 15 years ago. Home is where you are also not at home anymore.. E.g. in de Kinkerbuurt. (various languages)

Free lance workers of IJburg unite! Meeting in the Blue House. (Dutch)
ZZP’ers veroveren de markt die IJburg heet, verslag van de samenzwering in het Blauwe Huis.
Inleiding door EliasTieleman. Hij is van de firma Orgacom. Aan de hand van de ZZP-krant
Rondje mensen met ideeen. Onzichtbare ZZP’ers.
Wij willen flexibel werken, in tijd en ruimte.
Wethouder Hoek krijgt vraag om compensatie.. “IJburg is geen geval van Soviet planning!”
Het Eilandgevoel als bindend element van ondernemende pioniers.
Positieve overdracht door Elias aan marktmeester Stef Spigt.

Pooja on Radio Patapoe, a wild radio woman from Nepal. Her program Enter the dragon, is on Saturday from 6 – 8 pm.
Did Nepal ever have a queen?

M boolo mooy dolle, together as one

The African orchestra Balansa Vibrations played in Akhnaton music club in down town Amsterdam on Friday 9th of May. Captain Ousman Jay talked with Jo van der Spek (in English) and with Papa Sakho (in Wolof). His motto: M boolo mooy dolle: Together as one.

Papa Sakho reports from the information evening of All Included about African-European migration. More on the campaign:

Live jazz jam from cafe the Engelbewaarder in Amsterdam, headed by Sean Bergin.

Na 3 jaar gaat Mustapha zijn zoon zien!