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images from the camp of refugees in Ter Apel, Holland May 2012

Refugees without rights created a protest camp in The Netherlands
from May 8 until may 23rd, when they were evicted.

The pictures that were taken by themselves and by professional photographers will be brought together in an
exposition that will circulate through Holland and on the Internet.

M2M made the first presentation on UN International Day of Refugees.

Wednesday 20th of June

Barth Chapel, Brouwersgracht
2K, 2512 ER The Hague

Last show before holiday. Paris burning

Sean Bergin 60!

Our guests: Arben (Macedonia), Mauricio Corbalan and Pio Torroja (Argentina) and Alan (Irak).
We speak with Albano Cordeiro in Paris about the fire in the detention center (see below) (French). Albano is active member of the League for Human Rights.

Manifestation devant le centre de retention de Vincennes 24 Juin (Video le Monde)

Sakho, Arben and Alan tell you how they look at migration (Dutch)

We’ll be back, August 15

We wish you a lot of sun this summer. with Sean Bergin and Rogerio Bicudo. And look back at the season of Radio M2M with Irene of the Blue House. And we look forward to the next season.

Sean Bergin (saxophone) celebrates his 60th birthday! Sunday afternoon 29th of June in Cafe de Engelbewaarder. On Monday 30th he plays with Rogerio Bicudo (choro-guitar) in the BIMhuis.

Amnesty international publishes report on detention centers: too long migrants are kept in prison, treated worse than criminals, complaints are not dealt with in a proper way. Amnesty states that detention can only be the last remedy, when migrants are to be deported.
Full report (PDF)