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The Time of the Oranges in Rosarno

Volevano braccia e sono arrivati uomini…

They wanted labourers and they got human beings …

The Time of the Oranges is a 30 min documentary by InsuTv,
made in Rosarno during the days of the pogrom and deportation of migrants,
on facts that happened a few weeks ago in south of Italy

Migrants revolted against racist violence by youth firing on them in streets
the bad conditions in which they are set to survive and work

Images and stories of the protagonists, the reasons of the rebellion against violence and apartheid, to which followed the revenge of mafia and government.

rosarno: il tempo delle arance from Nicola Angrisano on Vimeo.

Italian and English  language documentary, one of the first independent accounts from this tragic episode

Migrants demo in Napoli

while  in   Napoli  i   was  very  close   to  the   demonstration  in Castelvolturno,  which i  couldn’t  attend because  of  my feet  still injured and tight timings of  my trip, still i’ve gathered around some materials about it and heard from people.

it went  peaceful, mostly populated  by immigrants (lots  of Africans) and  a  few  italians  from  the  autonomous  social  center  squatter movements documenting it, also on the napolitan pirate TV “insu^tv”
mainstream  media gave ZERO  news about  it, despite  the fact  we are talking about  thousands of  immigrants demonstrating on  the streets, something that never really happened before why   demonstrating? tons  of  reasons: people  dying  weekly on  boats trying to  reach Lampedusa,  people beaten up  and burned  by fascists under  the bridges of  all Italy,  fascism uprising  everywhere… and
most  importantly in Castelvolturno  where 6  Africans were  killed by local  Camorra (Casalesi  clan)  as a  territorial  marking for  mafia activities, full story in english here:

Pablo has  uploaded some  nice photos of  the demonstration, one year after   the  massacre,   on  his   profile  among   the   recent  ones

this is the italian call for the demonstration

in case you  like to interview people and have more  text let me know, my friend Macedonio is real active on the Castelvolturno case greets from Austria,  on my way back to .NL,  quite shocked by several things i’ve  seen in  Italy, becoming an  extreme laboratory  where to observe the european crisis of values….



Italy: refugees squat in Bruzzano

After sleeping long periods in dormitories  in Milan and although most of them are officialy recognized as political refugee, some hundreds of African and Asian refugees decided to occupy an empty building in Bruzzano, near Milan City. The rightwing city-authorities sent a mass of police-forces to throw them out of the building on Tuesday 21 april 2009. The refugees protested in Bruzzano and the police reacted with brutal violence as the images [thank you manifesta 18] clearly show. After the first clash they marched to Milan where the police continued to act with surely racist motivated violence.

That night they sleapt in the park near Piazza Venezia and  on Wednesday 22nd of April they organized a manifestation in the center . After another night in the park the police came with huge forces, they encircled the people in less and less space and…brought them to the police headquarters to “identify the people”…an operation already terminated some days before in Bruzzano.
The video gives a clear image of this shocking and repulsive operation.
The refugees accept for the moment a temporary -two weeks- return to the dormitories.
The failing racist municipality will need almost two years to find a normal solution.

Detention centre on Lampedusa on fire

This morning  in Lampedusa,  the most southern island  of Europe,  a revolt erupted in  the “Centre  for identification and  expulsion“, following the hunger strike of 300  detainees from Tunisia. The detention center hosts more than 800 migrants,  mostly from Tunisia. The fire destroyed most of the building and the police had to fight the revolt with extra smoke (teargas), it is yet unknown how many people were injured.

The mayor of the city  Bernardino De Rubeis has released a declaration against the Italian government, quoting  his own words: “Guilty is the Government which transformed this center in a Lager (camp), the migrants are desperate.

The revolt seems  to have exploded as 107 Tunisian  migrants were to be deported  back to  their country,  proceeding to  a first  transfer in Roma.

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Naples, migrants fighting back

Ciao Jo,

I’m in stockholm right visiting another girlfriend of mine 😛


i translate you whats on naples indy: (the links are at the end)

Fryday 25 July after the eviction of a little palace, 80 migrants and ppl asking for asylum resident of the Pianura area in Naples are left abbandoned on the street out of the houses they where living for quite
some times.

Meanwhile the italian residents got in a emergency center organized by the city councile, for the migrants(mostly africans) this was not possible because of a protest made up from about 30 residents fomented by representants of AN (national alliance, alleanza nazionale) FI(italys power, forza italia) FN (new power, forza nuova), powered up from the approval of the new state security packet that promote and excuse any racist and xenofob behaviour.

To the resistance of this littleist group is added the deaf and hypocrisi of the city councile unable to find a dignitous solution for people and babyes left to sleep on the street without toilets or fresh water

Today 30 july the migrants had occupied the Naples Dome asking a solution to surpass this absurd situation. The answer did not wait too long: the vicar of the bishop ask the police to clean up street and the church, so for the police charge violently the demonstrators in search for illegal migrants without papers to send to detention center and expel.

Yet the people are still on the streets, links to pictures and audio reports, in italian sorry:

Apartheid a Napoli

Story reconstruction and pics:

Pics from the dome occupation:

Police beating up one of the occupiers(now in hospital with contusions)

IF YOU ARE IN SPAIN TELL TO get in contact with the ppl of
napoli.indymedia for news everything is GOING ON NOW!