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Our man at Schiphol Oost

May 21st: Sedraoui is FEEE!

A judge ordererd his release after his laissez-passer expired. Sedraoui gained time by resisting his deportation. Also blood was found in his urine, which led the medical  service to declare him “not fit to fly”.

Sedraoui is 14 months in prison. Three times they tried to deport him as an illegal alien. He resisted, once by swallowing a razor blade. He has been kicked around between 3 different prisons, being accused of organising resistance. He is resisting deportation to Morocco.

He is now at detention complex Schiphol Oost and gives us reports on his situation and on the situation in Block H.

April 27th, after the doctors visit,  Sedraoui raconte in French.

Sedraoui needs treatment for his shoulder, that was injured by his guards.  And he needs medical attention as a patient with Diabetes. He is losing his sight, being nearly blind in one eye. He wants glasses, to see.

His teeth are being pulled out one by one, without any replacement. He wants teeth, to eat.

And he wants all this fast, because in a couple of days the guards may kick him again, and kick him out of the country. To a place where he will surely not get the medical assistance he needs.

Respect for the cleaning workers

The cleaners  demonstrating at Utrecht Central Station

Thousands of cleaners working at Schiphol Airport, railway stations, hospitals and offices are on strike for better wages and respectable working conditions. The majority of cleaners are migrants. Cleaners are receiving minimal wages and are object of intimidation by the bosses. Companies like CSU, ASITO and HAGO are competing for contract with the railroads the airport and banks by exploiting their workforce.

cs-piket2The picket against striking breakers at Amsterdam Central Station

That is why the cleaners are not only striking but also targetting the contracting companies: they should be more to the cleaning companies, to stop the degrading wages and working conditions.

One tactic is to target undocumented workers. Some have been forces to work and were arrested by the Labour Inspection. Cleaning Company CSU has demanded all cleaners to present their papers.This is an act of intimidation and an attempt to create division among the cleaners. In response a goup of anarchist activists blocked the CSU office in Amsterdam urging workers to boycot the demand to show their papers.


more news in Dutch

Support the cleaners

The cleaners at Amsterdam Central Station are on strike for respect and good wages. Since the 23rd of February a nation-wide strike is gaining momentum:  stations, public offices and Schiphol Airport are becoming dirty.

At Amsterdam CS the cleaning company CSU and NS are putting scabs to work. They have forced illegal migrants to work against their collegues. The union FNV responded by calling in the  Labour Inspection. This insitute however is focussed on chasing undocumented migrants. Two cleaners from Ghana were caught and put in detention on the prison boat of Zaanstad.

The Cleaners Union explicitly caters for migrants, with and without papers. The undocumenetd cleaners had been warned, the orgniser told us. And he promised to support them after their arrest.

M2M calls for support of all cleaners, with or without papers.

You can do this by leaving your dirt on the train and the station as long as the strike holds.


Burn the borders, Paris calling






January 25th, 26th and 27th: trial of the revolt that set the detention centre of Vincennes on fire. The revolt, which led to the fire that destroyed the largest prison for foreigners in France, is a concrete and historical response to the existence of detention centres and to the whole of the policy of control of the migratory flows.

On January 25th, 26th and 27th, ten persons will  be tried for this revolt by the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris (a court which tries misdemeanours).
Our solidarity has to be at the height of the stake: the acquittal of the accused and beyond
that, freedom of movement and installation.
Continue reading Burn the borders, Paris calling

You can’t quantify affection

Celebrating Migrants Day in Holland.  With a great story by Sami Gathii

The Diaspora Forum for Development in the Netherlands staged a Dialogue between Migrant’s Organisations and Civil Society on the occasion of International Migrants Day.
Mr. Wim Stoffers, representing Oxfam-Novib, played the role of Devil’s advocate regarding the issue of remittances. He stated that all the money migrants send home does not really do a lot for development.
Oxfam-Novib is the main funder of the DFD Platform so his provocative opening led to some debate.

Wim Stoffers

Even more provocative proved Mr.Stoffers statement that migrants are not necessarily suited to do development work in their native countries, basically because they have often grown apart from their soil. “There is no special role for migrants in development.”

Wim Stoffers

Grace Cabactulan of DFD responded to these critical remarks in a most elegant way: “You can’t question love. You cannot quantify affection.”

In the end they agree that you can organize it better, so affection becomes more effective.

Migrants Seek Support from Dutch Civil Society

On International Migrants Day 2009

18 December 2009

Migrants are more often than not at the bottom of the society in times of financial crisis, while their families back home barely notice the difference!  While the costs of money transfers remain high and other financial impositions on migrants continue, migration has never been more linked with development than in the last decade. While some recognition of migrants’ socio-economic contributions has been achieved, the number of human rights violations on migrants in many countries cannot be denied.    Continue reading Migrants Seek Support from Dutch Civil Society

Direct actions around Calais

[Al Jazeera saw this]

Calais Migrant Solidarity this morning has received three reports by email of direct actions made in and around Calais in solidarity with the 100s of migrants in the area at the receiving end of constant police harassment and violence.

#1 “Several banners were last night hung from bridges over the A16 Dunkerque-Calais and the A26 Calais-Paris road reading ‘Solidarite avec les migrants’. We took these actions to draw attention to the less publicised conditions of migrants in Dunkerque and along the northern French coast who are forced to live in make shift shelters as they wait a chance to cross the channel to the UK. Many of these people are fleeing persecution and war that the EU is enagaged in. We believe these people have a right to move freely to safety and should be treated with respect not the constant police violence that has been evident these last years, months and particularly last weeks in Calais where migrants have been temporarily detained while their shelters are destroyed, only to be dumped back on the streets again. These state and police actions are inhuman, counter-productive and we believe illegal. No person is illegal – No borders are necessary – Freedom of movement for all”

#2 “The fountain opposite the town hall in Calais was this morning filled with harmless red die to symbolise the blood on the hands of French Immigration minister Eric Besson and UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Besson is the worst kind of politician, flitting from left to right, by his wife’s recent allegations a constant liar and cheat, seeking to advance his own position by standing by as ‘jungles’ in Calais are razed, calling them ‘inhuman conditions’, conditions his policies have created – making people seeking safety and help malnourished, unable to access basic medical care and despite his claims not given the possibility of making asylum claims with due process. Among these people by the police’s own reckoning about half are children, many seeking refuge from the wars we have created. We owe these people dignity, not the ‘delight’ expressed by Johnson as their basic shelters are destroyed and they are displaced yet again. The UK should take responsibility for the human fallout from its illegal wars and let these people into the UK. Calais is the shame of France, the UK and all of Europe. Governments have failed here, only solidarity between people on a human level can make any sense of this brutal daily trauma. No Borders! No Nations! Freedom of movement for all!”

#3 ” In solidarity with the migrants of Calais we would like to report that at around 3.30am this morning the Coquelles police/detention/law court complex south of Calais had it’s main vehicle gate and both pedestrian access gates locked shut with heavy duty chains and padlocks. This was an attempt, however brief it may have lasted, to disrupt the daily dawn mobilisation of CRS police units to terrorise migrants ‘jungles’ and squats with their gas and batons. Enough violence! Enough fascism on the streets of Europe! Fuck Besson! No Borders! No Nations!

making community in the Worldhouse

Notice:  The commemoration of the Schiphol Fire  (26-10-2005) will take place on Monday 26th of October. The Schiphol People will stand together with the eleven dead at their monument at the foot of the fence of the detention complex at Schiphol Oost.

The Blue House on IJburg will be open from 12 in the morning.
Welcome everybody!

On Friday  October 2nd we had another  session of M2M Radio, with Sakho, Jo, Jean, Elisa, Carmen, Johnson and Ahmed Issa :

Welcome in the Worldhouse
Le mot illegal, Jean de Cameroun (french)
The art of communication.: making community
Sali raps
And Sali raps again, for Ahmed Issa


Dedicated to Ahmed Issa

Hey Yo, Ahmed
My brother from another mother
No matter how far you fall down
you gotta be ready to stand up.
Stay strong and never give up.
Life is hard, so let’s keep trying.
No harm in trying so make it happen

Life is gonna be the way
you want it to be.
To be a man is not easy.
Many things I learn in prison
bless and still living
try to earn every peny
that I am getting.

Since the beginning of my mission.
When I was conceived
to come in this position

This reminds me of my forefather
who fought and died while demanding
for freedom to live.

Thanks to M2M for making it real.
This is the voice of your lovely brother
Prince Malik.


Art for Ahmed Issa

The day Colonel Gaddafi made a courageous humanitarian gesture and came to Schiphol to pick-up his countryman Ahmed Al-J.

Art works by Tjebbe van Tijen, publisher of The Limping Messenger and curator of  Imaginary Museum Projects.



Two days ago I went to a combined theatre performance and action meeting in the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam in support of the the Libyan migrant Ahmed Al-J. who has been at the center of years of court cases and juridical and technical researches about a fatal fire on October 27, 2005 in a detention center at Schiphol airport for migrants, waiting for the result of their appeal against planned extradition. Ahmed had at first been labeled by the court as the main culprit, because of a burning cigaret in his cell that set the whole section of the center aflame an left 11 people dead. Recently he has been acquited of this charge, as a whole series of management and construction mistakes have come to light, as result of a series of inquiries and counter-inquiries. I will not further detail this case too much here as the facts are widely known by now. The incessant support for the traumatized migrants by several action groups (of which at least two should be mentioned here Migrant To Migrant/M2M and All Included), lawyers and some politicians, have had some concrete results, but the essential question of who is to be held responsible for the fact that a single cigarette in a prison-like new facility can lead to so many victims, has still not been answered in a satisfactory way. Singling out the Libyan migrant and his cigaret has allowed to keep out of focus the planners, management and local authorities who have to control the safety of this detention facility (located at Schiphol Oost). Many see this as a form of scapegoating.

Observe this unfolding story in all its details at The Limping Messenger