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Support the cleaners

The cleaners at Amsterdam Central Station are on strike for respect and good wages. Since the 23rd of February a nation-wide strike is gaining momentum:  stations, public offices and Schiphol Airport are becoming dirty.

At Amsterdam CS the cleaning company CSU and NS are putting scabs to work. They have forced illegal migrants to work against their collegues. The union FNV responded by calling in the  Labour Inspection. This insitute however is focussed on chasing undocumented migrants. Two cleaners from Ghana were caught and put in detention on the prison boat of Zaanstad.

The Cleaners Union explicitly caters for migrants, with and without papers. The undocumenetd cleaners had been warned, the orgniser told us. And he promised to support them after their arrest.

M2M calls for support of all cleaners, with or without papers.

You can do this by leaving your dirt on the train and the station as long as the strike holds.


Calais jungle raids escalated to unprecedented levels

By way of Indymedia UK

The new Pashto jungle is being raided over and over, with dozens of
people arrested every time including several unaccompanied boys, some
as young as 11 or 12. Police brutality is on the increase for beatings
– a 13 years old boy has been injured in a leg by being hit with a
truncheon. The CRS have been seen again using gas.

All new camps have been destroyed. After arresting everybody who does
not manage to run or hide, the police slash the plastic covers with
knives and destroy blankets and people’s possessions. Two large urban
squats are also under constant attack and police patrol the beach and
the park arresting people there all the time.

Usually people are released after a few hours, or they have to spend
12 hours or more in the police station. They have to walk one hour to
go back, including under age children, sick and injured people and
people with papers (who have applied for asylum in
France). Increasingly people are detained for longer, lately often
taken to deportation centres other than Coquelles. They are routinely
threatened they will be deported if they do not apply for asylum in
France – to Afghanistan or other countries. Many people have finger
prints in other ‘safe’ counties from where they have transited – such
as Greece – and they may sent back there according to the Dublin2

There is evidence of police torturing migrants in Greece, two
have been killed; illegal deportations from Greece to Turkey are a
common occurrence –and from Turkey eventually to the countries the
people are escaping from, in flagrant violation of the 1951 Convention
on Refugees

The migrants of Calais want to go to England and eventually make a
claim for asylum there. They want to live without constant fear of
arrest. Shakir said: “the public of Calais are good but the police are
a problem”. His friend Tariq said: “If I am in England I will
celebrate Christmas, but I will probably spend my Christmas in the
police station. “…Shakir is under 16. He is alone in Calais, on his
journey from Afghanistan.


Calais Migrant Solidarity have been present on the ground all the time
since the No Borders camp in Calais (end of June).We now have an
office space and a space where people can sleep – it can get pretty
crowded though! More support is needed, especially since the
repression is escalating. With Besson’s threat to make Calais ‘a
migrant free zone’ by the end of the year in mind, we are calling for
more activists to come and support.

If you want to get involved or just would like more information,
please call 0634 810 710 or email For more
details and updates see


Migrants: still here. At least 300 people go to food distributions in Calais . An estimate 2000 migrants have spread around the coast to safer places, or down South. The most visible result of the repressive immigration policies implemented by the French government is that life for the migrants has become unimaginably hard.

Smugglers: still here. In fact the price of a journey from Calais to
England has pretty much doubled since the destruction of the jungles:
the average cost for a ‘guarantee’ journey to the UK in the back of a
truck is now 1500 euros. This is another remarkable result of the new
immigration policies, despite the French immigration minister’s
worthless claims that the destruction of migrants camps was done ‘with
dignity’ and for ‘humanitarian reasons’, and to defeat people’s
smugglers. In fact the smugglers are profiting from people’s misery
and people are pushed further into the mafia’s hands by the desperate
conditions they are forced to live in.

Jungles: still here. The Pashto jungle has been razed to the ground,
trees included, but people are sleeping in the woods nearby. The new
camps have also been destroyed by the CRS (riot police) and people
just shelter under bits of tarpaulin. The CRS keep going there and
arrest all those who do not manage to escape, any time day or
night. After, they slash the plastic covers with knives and destroy
the blankets and people’s property. It rains a lot. Hazara jungle:
similar situation. Iranian jungle: similar situation. Kurdish
jungle: similar situation. Sudanese jungle: camp destroyed again and
again, most people have gone to the beach (shelters have been
destroyed also there) or to squats or they are trying to sleep rough
in various places.

Bridges: gone. All the people who were sleeping under bridges, where
at least they had some shelter from the rain, have moved elsewhere due
to excessive police harassment and repeated destruction of tents and

Squats: still here. Africa house has been razed to the
ground. Ethiopia house still here but under attack by the
CRS. Recently evicted, everybody who did not manage to run or hide
arrested and all blankets and people’s property destroyed. People
returned having nowhere else to go. Calais Migrant Solidarity and than
Salam gave them new blankets and warm clothes. Later the police
returned and arrested people again… and again Another large squat
inhabited by Egyptians, Palestinians and other Arabs plus many Afghans
is also under attack.



14th December Copenhagen




From the 21st to the 1st January We are planning to have celebrations,
tours of jungles and squats, films, workshops and a surprise party!


Calais Migrant Solidarity activists – Homepage:

Direct actions around Calais

[Al Jazeera saw this]

Calais Migrant Solidarity this morning has received three reports by email of direct actions made in and around Calais in solidarity with the 100s of migrants in the area at the receiving end of constant police harassment and violence.

#1 “Several banners were last night hung from bridges over the A16 Dunkerque-Calais and the A26 Calais-Paris road reading ‘Solidarite avec les migrants’. We took these actions to draw attention to the less publicised conditions of migrants in Dunkerque and along the northern French coast who are forced to live in make shift shelters as they wait a chance to cross the channel to the UK. Many of these people are fleeing persecution and war that the EU is enagaged in. We believe these people have a right to move freely to safety and should be treated with respect not the constant police violence that has been evident these last years, months and particularly last weeks in Calais where migrants have been temporarily detained while their shelters are destroyed, only to be dumped back on the streets again. These state and police actions are inhuman, counter-productive and we believe illegal. No person is illegal – No borders are necessary – Freedom of movement for all”

#2 “The fountain opposite the town hall in Calais was this morning filled with harmless red die to symbolise the blood on the hands of French Immigration minister Eric Besson and UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Besson is the worst kind of politician, flitting from left to right, by his wife’s recent allegations a constant liar and cheat, seeking to advance his own position by standing by as ‘jungles’ in Calais are razed, calling them ‘inhuman conditions’, conditions his policies have created – making people seeking safety and help malnourished, unable to access basic medical care and despite his claims not given the possibility of making asylum claims with due process. Among these people by the police’s own reckoning about half are children, many seeking refuge from the wars we have created. We owe these people dignity, not the ‘delight’ expressed by Johnson as their basic shelters are destroyed and they are displaced yet again. The UK should take responsibility for the human fallout from its illegal wars and let these people into the UK. Calais is the shame of France, the UK and all of Europe. Governments have failed here, only solidarity between people on a human level can make any sense of this brutal daily trauma. No Borders! No Nations! Freedom of movement for all!”

#3 ” In solidarity with the migrants of Calais we would like to report that at around 3.30am this morning the Coquelles police/detention/law court complex south of Calais had it’s main vehicle gate and both pedestrian access gates locked shut with heavy duty chains and padlocks. This was an attempt, however brief it may have lasted, to disrupt the daily dawn mobilisation of CRS police units to terrorise migrants ‘jungles’ and squats with their gas and batons. Enough violence! Enough fascism on the streets of Europe! Fuck Besson! No Borders! No Nations!

Welcome ceremony for Ahmed Issa

On Thursday the 3rd of September Ahmed Issa will hear the judge’s verdict as to whether he is guilty for the Schiphol Fire. We will be there, with our bus and friends to support and welcome Ahmed Issa.

We hope you can be with us, to show the world that we are together in our struggle for justice, to make a life again.

The prosecutor, Mr. Hans Wesselink, has created some confusion by demanding “only” 2 years and 24 days in prison. This is exactly the amount of time Ahmed has already spent in prison following the fire. Thus, this means that he still thinks Ahmed Issa is guilty, but has been punished enough. Many people think that he has been acquitted already, but that’s a wrong conclusion.

Lawyer Eduard Damman has demanded “vrijspraak”, acquittal for Ahmed Issa, as there is no evidence that he did it. We all know that the state built that bloody detention complex and is responsible for the well being of all inside.

But on Thursday Septemer 3rd at 1.30 p.m. the judges will decide: guilty or free. That is what matters.

After the verdict we will create a special ceremony to welcome Ahmed Issa. We invite artists, musicians, performers, etc. to create an event that looks a bit like the commemoration. Jos Zandvliet, Jose Tojo and Appa have already promised to come. Sjors Knol needs only 165 Euro to create this:


The Dutch flag is sown to the trousers of the artist, and pulling legs:)

It will be a spontaneous event, to share the feeling and say what we have to say. We have announced this to the media and call on everybody to join us.

We have a license for this manifestation and we are cool with the court, so we don’t have to be afraid of the cops.

At 3 o’clock we will go to De Balie, just around the corner on the Leidseplein, to give a press conference. In the Press Conference, we will present a theatre called “Donner”. In this production, an ex-minister of Justice is struggling with his words, and his bad conscience, trying to make a confession to a priest, but failing.

With this act we make clear who is really responsible, and who should really do something to make things better for Ahmed Issa, the Schiphol People and all other migrants. It is for the government to learn from their mistakes.

Another problem

After the verdict Ahmed Issa can be arrested by the IND (the Immigration and Naturalisation Service) as he continues to be an “illegal alien” under Dutch law. While the possibility of him being arrested is slim, it is nonetheless a concern. Especially because he maybe jailed in a detention comlex again…

So even if he is free, he can go to prison immediately after
the judge has spoken. Three lawyers have confirmed to M2M that this is possible. And we know that the IND can do what they want with socalled illegal migrants. We know that Miloud Fritass was deported last January, even though he was in K, is traumatized and recognized as a victim. He even received compensation money. So we have no guarantee that they will let Ahmed Issa walk free.

That is another reason why we have to be there,
to make sure that Ahmed Issa is really free
to make him feel good and comfortable when he comes out of the palace of


After the verdict, the welcome ceremony and the press conference with theatre we can relax and hopefully celebrate.
Ahmed Issa has told us that he observes Ramadan, like many of us. This means: no food or drinks before sunset. Respect.

Jo and Sakho and Vincent
M2M and All Included
tel 0624148872

Donations are very welcome too!

Triodos bank 390271918 St. M2M Amsterdam

“Who knows where we are, when we are here?”

a view from the Worldhouse hosting M2M Radio, Nieuwe Herengracht 20

The next campaign:

Welcome Ahmed Issa!

Ramadan Mubarak!

After the trial of last week, the verdict will be pronounced on September 3rd at 1,30 p.m.. Guilty or innocent? That’s the question for the judges. But according to the Dutch alien law Ahmed Issa is still a sans-papier, an irregular migrant. So he may be transferred to the detention complex to be deported after all. What’s at stake here?

  • What did the Schiphol People have to say after the trial? The Balie Conference, August 14
  • Listen to Jo and Sakho, directors of M2M in public conspiracy with Ben.
  • Sali salutes Ahmed Issa from inside the prison at Schiphol Oost

The National Ombudsman says that the police raid on an African Party in cafe Het Vervolg (June 2007) was an abuse of power. Roy of  All Included and Regina of the African Roots Movement give us their story and their comment. Hello Nigeria! Hello Zuid-Oost!

M2M Radio joined the Kerwin Memorial on Thursday evening in the Vondelpark at the Mama Baranca statue. Kerwin Duinmeijer was knifed 26 years ago and left bleeding to death by cab drivers.


Friday live at the Worldhouse

On Friday M2M will be live in the Worldhouse, located at Nieuwe Herengracht 20 (Metro Waterlooplein).

  • Launch of the next  campaign
  • Welcome AHMED ISSA!

  • After the trial of last week, the verdict will be pronounced on September 3rd. Guilty or innocent? That’s the question for the judges. But according to the Dutch alien law Ahmed Issa is still a sans-papier, an irregular migrant. So he may be transferred to the detention complex to be deported after all. What’s at stake here? And what did the Schiphol People have to say after the trial? And what do we do about it?
  • The National Ombudsman says that the police raid on an African Party in cafe Het Vervolg (June 2007) was an abuse of power. We invite the complainers to give us their story and their comment. Hello Nigeria! Hello Zuid-Oost! All Included!
  • M2M Radio joined the Kerwin Memorial on Thursday evening in the Vondelpark at the Mama statue.
  • a5-flyer-kerwin

Belgrado: Roma under attack

Roma and Sinti, a.k.a. gypsies, are Europe’s eternal migrants. Often they choose to be outsiders, just following their own walk of life. Sometimes by necessity, because they are outlawed by state and society. As is the case now in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Three months before the opening of the Universiade[1], Belgrade’s City
Secretariat for Inspections decided to destroy the Roma slum settlement
located right next to the athlete’s village “Belleville”, residential area
for athletes built for this occasion. On April the 3rd 2009 all of a sudden
a couple of bulldozers showed up at the settlement and demolished 40
houses. See Video.
Continue reading Belgrado: Roma under attack

Paris: Union kicked out migrants

On Monday 29 the French trade union CGT has evicted the undocumented migrants (sans-papiers) who had occupied the Bourse du Travail for more than a year. They demanded respect from the CGT in their struggle for acceptance in France.

M2M Radio talked with Gibril last May, under the painting on the picture. Ecoute!

“The occupation had turned into a squat”, declared a spokesperson of the CGT.


Here’s a report in French

Chez elle, la CGT n’aime pas les sans-papiers. Expulsion. Le service d’ordre du syndicat a fait évacuer la Bourse du travail de Paris, hier.


Matelas sous le bras, sacs et couvertures à la main, ils sont sortis un à un, sous le regard des CRS.  Sur le trottoir,  bordé par des dizaines de fourgons de police et de cars de CRS,  des femmes pleurent,  en état de choc.  Après quatorze mois passés à vivre jour et nuit dans les locaux de la Bourse du travail à Paris,  les occupants de ce grand bâtiment proche de la place de la République se sont retrouvés à la rue hier midi, évacués de force.


.Africains en situation irrégulière,  ils étaient autour de 500 à y vivre en permanence et près de 1 200 par intermittence. Qui a mené l’opération ? Les évacués ont vite accusé non pas la police mais la CGT, qui aurait envoyé son service d’ordre faire le sale boulot.  Scénario que le syndicat a fini par reconnaître quelques heures plus tard : «Après avoir essayé en vain de négocier pendant des mois, nous avons décidé de mettre un terme à une occupation qui était devenue un squat», justifie Patrick Picard, secrétaire général de l’Union départementale de Paris.
Pourquoi un syndicat qui monte régulièrement au créneau sur la question
des travailleurs sans-papiers a-t-il délogé. des travailleurs sans-papiers
? D’abord pour récupérer son lieu de travail, la CGT disposant d’une
partie du bâtiment. Ensuite, le syndicat entretient depuis le début des
relations tendues avec les occupants, pour la plupart travailleurs isolés,
employés dans le nettoyage ou la sécurité, qui se sont rassemblés dans un
collectif autonome, la CSP 75 (coordination des sans-papiers), sans jamais
vouloir se rapprocher de la CGT pour les demandes de régularisation.

Après plusieurs semaines de menaces, la CGT a donc envoyé hier «quelques
dizaines de militants», qui n’ont pas fait les choses à moitié. Les
témoins décrivent tous la même scène, très brutale : vers 12 h 30, alors
que, comme chaque mercredi, le gros des occupants manifestait place du
Châtelet pour réclamer des régularisations, une trentaine de gros bras,
«crânes rasés», brassard orange, masqués, ont débarqué armés de «bâtons»
et de «bonbonnes de lacrymo», les yeux protégés par des «lunettes de
piscine». Gazés, les occupants sont contraints de quitter les lieux. La
police, arrivée «dix minutes plus tard», reste à la porte du bâtiment,
faute, explique-t-on, de réquisition du propriétaire, en l’occurrence la
mairie de Paris.  CRS et pompiers suivent.


One wall of the occupied   Bourse du Travail.
«ratonnade»,«nettoyage»,«Sarkozy assassin». Certains jurent reconnaître
parmi les policiers en civil présents les mêmes qui ont forcé le bâtiment une demi-heure plus tôt. Dans les rangs de la police, on ne nie pas avoir eu des hommes présents, «comme chaque mercredi, pour encadrer la manifestation», mais on se défend d’avoir participé à l’évacuation, menée «par le service d’ordre de la CGT». En fin de journée, les sans-papiers achevaient de débarrasser leurs affaires, sans savoir où ils allaient passer la nuit. Impossible pour l’heure de réoccuper le bâtiment, bloqué par la police.
service de
Plantage Doklaan 12
1018 CM Amsterdam
tel 020-3795236

Italy: refugees squat in Bruzzano

After sleeping long periods in dormitories  in Milan and although most of them are officialy recognized as political refugee, some hundreds of African and Asian refugees decided to occupy an empty building in Bruzzano, near Milan City. The rightwing city-authorities sent a mass of police-forces to throw them out of the building on Tuesday 21 april 2009. The refugees protested in Bruzzano and the police reacted with brutal violence as the images [thank you manifesta 18] clearly show. After the first clash they marched to Milan where the police continued to act with surely racist motivated violence.

That night they sleapt in the park near Piazza Venezia and  on Wednesday 22nd of April they organized a manifestation in the center . After another night in the park the police came with huge forces, they encircled the people in less and less space and…brought them to the police headquarters to “identify the people”…an operation already terminated some days before in Bruzzano.
The video gives a clear image of this shocking and repulsive operation.
The refugees accept for the moment a temporary -two weeks- return to the dormitories.
The failing racist municipality will need almost two years to find a normal solution.