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Communicating with the brothers in Block L

On Sunday 1st of March, M2M joined the vigil of the Studenten Ekklesia Amsterdam at the fence of the detention complex.

The guys of Block L saw us from the cage and we waved at eachother. Then the guards pushed them inside and even shut the blinds of the windows, so eye contact was interrupted. Then we used our voice:

The people of he vigil were angry. The vigil proceeded as usual, in Dutch. Here’s an impression.

Then M2M walked along the fence and restored eye contact with some of the guys locked behind windows. We wrote the telephone numer of M2M on a piece of paper and held it through the bars for the guys to read.
And soon it was Mohamed Ali from Somalia who called us! “We are on hungerstrike” We talked, we gave him telephone credit (Cobra) to call again the next day.

We are not many, but we are strong. And you give us hope.

On Monday we had a long conversation with several brothers in struggle.
here’s Faisal, from Sudan, 4 months in prison. He was seeking asylum.

Mohamed Ali, from Somalia. Doing now 2 months. He came to Holland in 2004.

Ibrahim Hassan, from Sudan. “We are dying here.”

Hakim Sola, from Mali: “We really need your help, because our situation here is very bad. The way they are treating us. We are not criminals. We are asylum seekers. They should let us go. Because we have a lot of problem here. We need to go out of this place. How they can keep us inside without nothing. We are looking for someone that can fight for us and give us our freedom.”
Also Qasim Yaya, from Ghana and Alik, 4 months: “We are fightning for our Freedom.”

The leader of the vigil, Geeske Hovingh, gave us a few wise words of Emmanuel Levinas“Stand still, thare is another man next to you. Meeting another man is the biggest event. Look into his eyes and you come closer to God. You should take responsibility for him. That is the way.”

A report on the solidarity action of Saturday 7th is at (in Dutch)

Friday 23rd: M2M at SMART Project Space

M2M Radio with Coalesce – Happenstance
January 23rd, a friday evening dinnerparty on air, served from 7 p.m.
in the Chapel of SMART Project Space

M2M Radio is all about migration, the art of moving and of metamorphosis.
We ask “who is migrating, what is moved?”
We look with artists, we look with migrants, we find a way to communcicate
with no borders between us.

The gig is part of the current very cool exhibition

At Coalesce we will meet some of the participating artists to engage in this endeavour
to merge the catastropohe of the Schipohol Fire with the exciting exhibition curated by Paul O’Neill.
With Garrett Phelan and Bob and Roberta Smith and Sophie Hope from Coalesce: happenstance.
Papa Sakho, Muppet, Jennifer, Tati and Jo van der Spek from M2M Radio, Migrant to Migrant.

Irene den Hartoog and Jeanne van Heeswijk from The Blue House

Plus Raviv Ganchrow architect and sound artist

Musical performance by Mustapha Boukhari (Ud and guitar)

In collaboration with The Blue House

Join the SMART meal, Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, The Chapel

Touba Connection

Listen to our reportage in the Aya Sofia Mosque in Amsterdam west. Hundreds of Senegalese and their friends received their spiritual leader Mame Mor M’Bake from Touba in Senegal. He is the grandson of Borom Touba and the son of Mourtada. (English, Wolof)

Listen to Omar Baye Fall

Remember the Schiphol Fire.The survivors are getting together to prepare for the thirde comemmoration of the Schiphol Fire. Agury has a message for Ahmed Isa (Arab) . Iris reports to M2M about our trip to Groningen.

Happiness is natural!

Meet Izzy, the amazing singer from Liberia in Haren.

Picture this: you are white and Spanish, and your name is Africano. We met him on a terrace in Amsterdam (Spanish)