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Papa Sakho in Ruigoord


July 2, 3 and 4  2010

Papa Sakho exhibits in Ruigoord

Paintings from Africa and Holland

Saturday 3rd of July at 4 p.m.

Opening speech

With M2M, Migrant to Migrant Radio Teranga


Cheikh Sakho (Dakar 1960) brought his art to Amsterdam, to the Waterlooplein market and to the prison for undocumented migrants at Schiphol East. He survided the fire in 2005. He tries to make a life again.

Exposition during

Future Reggae Festival with the Mad Professor

Bus 82 of Connexxion brings you straigh to Cultural Freeport Ruigoord. This leaves from Marnixstraat (Amsterdam) via NS-station Amsterdam-Sloterdijk to Ruigoord and IJmuiden and back. Daily between 7 and 23 hours. t

Free entry with this invitation on Saturday 3rd of July

Live stream from SCUB Studio

M2M tactical news service from Amsterdam:


  • M2M Radio, Migrant to Migrant, starts live streaming from the SCUB Social Center Under the Bridge on Friday at 7 pm
  • SCUB starts campaign to survive eviction order: Ymierda!
  • Demonstration against new constructions of detention complex
  • Cleaners launch campaign at Central Bank
  • dnb21
  • Worldhouse hosts conference on illegalized migrants
  • Wolrd Refugees day in Madrid, Paris and Alphen
  • One year after the fire at Paris-Vincennes Retention Center
  • Expo: Lost and Found by Oumar Mbengue

and much more

cu at SCUB Studio

Mano and Jordi cook
Jo and Sakho present
Migrant to Migrant Radio, live stream from SCUB Studio
Starting at 7 p.m.
Open mike free style webradio, all languages spoken.

Yo! We are neighbours!

Ymere Headquarters is at
De Ruyterkade 7
In the Port Building (Havengebouw)
The tall building on the other side of Central Station
M2M tacticial media service


5/12: money and justice

This our last live program of 2008.          Eid Mubarak!

Papa Sakho speaking with Selle Diop in Senegal about the commemoration of France. (French-Wolof)

Pooja and Cherrak taking pictures of the crew. It’s our last meeting for 2008.

We have 2 special guests today: filmer Martin Hansen creator of the website Surprising Europe and Ozz Tatari who is looking into the faces of the guards of Rotterdams floating prison.

Richelle is our cook today, we thank the Frida’s foor cooking somany times.

Interview by Jo van der Spek with Peter Sonder (Dutch, English)). All victims of the Schiphol Fire in K and J can get 10.000 Euro  compensation. But only if they can prove that they suffer from PTSS because of the fire. Call 0332541746 (Monday-Friday)

A round table on money and justice, with Cherrak, Sakho, Jennifer, Martin, Ozz and Jo. And a story of Tati in the shower.

We’ll be back on the air on the 9th of January 2009

An exchange of Afghan thoughts

***  Listen here to the full program of Friday 7th of November. ***

The latest news is that our brother Miloud Fritass is in a life threatening sitiuation. He is in detention centre Alphen aan den Rijn, and Justice wants to deport him back to Morocco. His ticket is ready for Wednesday 12th of November. This must be stopped! Before Miloud kills himself.

We will also talk about our monument at Schiphol Oost. And how we can convince the mayor to embrace it. We will meet him next week!

Our special guests this evening are  Jun Julien Matsushita, coordinator of the Radio Connect Project of Internews Europe and his partner Wais Zahir of  Nai, supporting open media in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s 37 independent local radio stations will be put online through a platform which will enable them to collect advertising and sponsorship over the Internet. All Afghan local independent stations, including those located in some of the most remote areas of the country, will be given new opportunities and new skills to develop their business and increase their revenue.

Wais and Babak have a long discussion on religion and history (and a bit about sex)

Radio Teranga
Special appearance of Selle Diop on CD!
latest news from Goma and Kinshasa (DRC) by are correspondent Steve Wembi.

And we warmly welcome el payaso Daniel from Buenos Aires, a.k.a. Suuz the Clown.
Nice audio from the demonstration of African sin-papeles in Madrid too.

And Tati is back!

And Muppet takes it away again!

Mixed Feelings

(click on the arrow to listen to the full program of October 3rd)

De Bijlmerramp van 1992, de Schipholbrand van 2005 en de dood van Mike Osei op 4 oktober 2007. Wat is de overeenkomst?

The plane crash on the Bijlmer on the 4th of Oct. 1992, The Schiphol Fire of the 26th of Oct.2005 and the death of Mike Osei on the 4th of Oct. 2007. What is the connection?

Ibrahim Benai cannot make it to the commemoration, he is going to see his mother in Algeria. (Dutch, French).

Bart Zuidervaart (Trouw) interviews Papa Sakho… He will publish a 4 page article on the aftermath of the fire. Where are the survivors of K?

Cherrak is back! (Dutch)

Radio Teranga

Charlie Dillinger Souare in Dakar (Wolof)

Selle Diop (Wolof, French)

Bubakar Cissé, manager of the International Agricultural Fair of Dakar. Vive la cooperation international! (Wolof, French)

Steve, correspondent in Kinshasa (French)

Olayinka Fatoba on the phone. Let’s get together and find consolation.

Dank je wel Graciano voor de sleutel. Muppy, don’t forget to gimme back mine… De bus van CIVIC en UCstation staat voor de Family. Maar hoe lang gaat dat goed? Michel stapt binnen. Multiculti gedoe alom. Het wordt hier toch niet Lelystad? Samen of knokken, that’s the question. For CIVIC toch. Ferdouz is happy. Piet too, to bring food from the Toko. Hot and spicy Roti’s. Bart the reporter arrived. Ferdouz disappeared to fetch her foto’s. Andrea worked too hard.. and gets a good beating. Where is Ricky? Herman Wouters took photo’s, with a camera covered in duck tape. Continue reading Mixed Feelings

Transactions and connections


(click on the arrow to listen to the full program of September 19th)

Joke reports on strange vistors to Architects Agency EGM, experts in designing prisons for undocumented migrants.

Ontbijt met Grensgevallen. Breakfast with “Borderliners”, those who don’t get general pardon, because they left the country for some days. It sounds like a funny story. But it’s  killing 2.450 peoples future.

Ferdous calls her cousin Azaher at home in Bangladesh. He is a graphic artist. (Bangla and English)

Radio Teranga

Alo Kinshasa, Steve reports on the political crisis in Congo, after the resignation of the prime minister. (French). And the plight of women in DRC? Teacher Mme Judithe gives us her views and experiences. C’est quoi la democratie? And let’s connect with a radio in Kinshasa!

Balla Thaim speaks to you in Wolof on migration and education. It’s time to claim the legalisation of migration.

Taiwo Feysipo, the general secretary of the African Roots Movements (for Dignity, Awareness and Unity) tells us about Mike and how he died, chased by the cops. In fear he fled to find his death. The one year remembrance is on October 4th.

Selle Diop talks to us about delinquent tourism and privatisition of health clinics, people dying on the door step, desperately surfing the web to find a way out of this misery. To Europe! To America. Women and children too… Thank you IMF. (all in Wolof)

Bai bye. Salut Balla. Kisses with Frida. Nice cooking. MuPPy and Pascal tried to work together. But Ferdous and Azaher really did. And Steve and Judithe in Kinshasa. And the cleaners of Schiphol, they are winning: Steun de Schoonmakers! And remember oct.4th Memorial for Mike Osei. The teachings of Taiwo Feyisipo. The answer lies with the people. We are one people.

Four artists, one fire

click on the arrow to listen to the full program of September 19th

With Our guests:

Ferdous Ara Lovely, sculptor from Bangladesh. Her dream: a solo exposition

Martin Travers, action painter from UK

Iftar celebration of the Schipholgroep. The cleaners that are organized by trade union FNVspeak about their work and their struggle for respect in the canteen on Schiphol Airport. Listen to Ibrahim Mamsow (Dutch). The fight for 10 Euro per hour. Watch the slide show with Jaap Fisher. The Cleaners of Center Parks struggled 8 months for equal pay for migramt workers from Germany: Triomf on Menke. Another slide show.

Radio Teranga

Balla Thaim, about climate and migration (Wolof, French)

Lamp Fall

Alo Kinshasa. Steve Wembi reports from the caital of DRC

The Commemoration Thing: To make a life again

What happened on the Timorplein last Saturday (Dutch)

Squatters music by The Bucket Boys in the Waag, the climax of a “debate” on the movement of the 80’s.

Martin is here. Meets Sakho. Rooting. And Frida cooks cool. Ferdous wants to help. Muppy so solid at it. Irene so busy. Ground Zero. Communion = communication. Some French avec Cherrak. A miscom between MuPPy and me created sabotage… Daniela and Yane have finished editing the video. Ferdous next to me. Beetje honger, beetje iftar. Martin proposes a process. Iftar yo!
Ssuuna meets Pooja and Sakho meets Martin. We will call Balla soon! Dame of Frontex gets hit hard. “If I’m a gangster, you must be a mullah.” The thing that does’t kill you makes you stronger. Que’est que on pourrait faire pour desanimer les jeunes de risquer leur vie en migrant vers l’Europe? 22.06

Baobab, the tree of commemoration

We talk about the monument at the fence

where we will stage the third commemoration

of the Schiphol Fire on the 26th of October.

We tell it to the Manolo’s.

And we learn all about the Baobab tree from Sakho and Vincenzo

The tree of food, water, clothes, medicine.

The tree of memory, of knowledge, of consensus.

Everything you need.

To make a life again.

Only when  Baobabs travel to Europe, they die…

Under the tree are Sakho and Vincenzo, with Cherrak, Jaromil, Jo, Tati, Tomak and Kresho.

And Daniela and Yane came in too! Artists are invited to join in the commemoration. To make a life again. E-mail: Zie

This evening on M2M Radio

Sous l’arbre a palabre de Radio Teranga

sous couvert de M2M radio)

Ousmane Ndione reports from Madrid on the fate of two Senegalese brothers. One of them died after a fight with knives. He was killed by Spanish white guys. The police first wanted to see his ID, before calling an ambulance. African and Arab youth joined forces to defend and attack… Yousef, youth worker in Madrid comments: “The problem is cultural, is discrimination.”
We meet Balla Thaim (Wolof) in Dakar.

Steve Wembi, our new correspondent reports from Kinshasa, Congo, on migration and China.

We celebrate with Mustapha Mujahid that he finally gets his residence permit, like the other survivors of the Schiphol Fire!

We receive Sarah van Sonsbeeck, who is mapping the sounds and silence on IJburg from the Blue House. Walk about with her on Saturday 27th of September from 12 o’clock, starting from the Blue House. On IJburg. Warning: she is going for the extremes.
And another guest is Vincenzo who shows his network Mocambos in Brazil and Mozambique. It’s a network of communities of the Quilombos. (Portugues)  Frida understands that!

Jalan Jalan festival on the Timorplein, Indische Buurt, Amsterdam. Jos Zandvliet aan de lijn.

mboole moi doole! Cherrak definitely needs a lap top. And Jo wants a bicycle. Who does NOT want a laptop? And a bicycle! Sakho sez: grijs. Muppy is the cable guy, playing cool. Where is Irene? Frida is early with her lovely food. Muit obrigada! Sarah van Sonsbeeck heeft net nog meegegeten. Noise Works. De regen maakt IJburg weer waterstad. Jamming with Sakho and Vincenzo. Then arrived Jaromil, and both Manolo‘s. Real Freaknet Brothers. Djerreudjef

Touba Connection

Listen to our reportage in the Aya Sofia Mosque in Amsterdam west. Hundreds of Senegalese and their friends received their spiritual leader Mame Mor M’Bake from Touba in Senegal. He is the grandson of Borom Touba and the son of Mourtada. (English, Wolof)

Listen to Omar Baye Fall

Remember the Schiphol Fire.The survivors are getting together to prepare for the thirde comemmoration of the Schiphol Fire. Agury has a message for Ahmed Isa (Arab) . Iris reports to M2M about our trip to Groningen.

Happiness is natural!

Meet Izzy, the amazing singer from Liberia in Haren.

Picture this: you are white and Spanish, and your name is Africano. We met him on a terrace in Amsterdam (Spanish)