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New revolt starts in Alphen

The inmates of Block West A3 of  the detention complex in Alphen a.d. Rijn (Between Amsterdam and Rotterdam) collectively refused to return to their cells on Friday 19th.  All are undocumented migrants,  like Fofana who is already one year detained. They fight again for their freedom, after some of them launched a hungerstrike before, on the 18th of February at Schiphol Oost.  The action has been triggered by the suicide of a guy from Irak. It was inspired also by the visit of ten activists protesting the planned construction of yet another prison at Rotterdam Airport Zestienhoven.

The activists showed their phone number and the inmates started to call them, using LIPS cards.  Later on one of them told M2M that it appears that the uprising was been cut short by riot police who forcefully pushed them inside their cells. Tomorrow is another day.

World Refugee Day.

In Paris a manifestation took place in front of the “Retention Center” of Vincennes. This prison was evacuated a year ago after fire that was  caused by trhe death of a protesting prisoner from Tunesia.

On Saturday 20th hundreds of migrants and activists will act in front of the CIE (Centro de Internamiento de Extranjeros)  of Aluche in Madrid.

so many different names for the same shit

we have only one:

no borders between us

Live stream from SCUB Studio

M2M tactical news service from Amsterdam:


  • M2M Radio, Migrant to Migrant, starts live streaming from the SCUB Social Center Under the Bridge on Friday at 7 pm
  • SCUB starts campaign to survive eviction order: Ymierda!
  • Demonstration against new constructions of detention complex
  • Cleaners launch campaign at Central Bank
  • dnb21
  • Worldhouse hosts conference on illegalized migrants
  • Wolrd Refugees day in Madrid, Paris and Alphen
  • One year after the fire at Paris-Vincennes Retention Center
  • Expo: Lost and Found by Oumar Mbengue

and much more

cu at SCUB Studio

Mano and Jordi cook
Jo and Sakho present
Migrant to Migrant Radio, live stream from SCUB Studio
Starting at 7 p.m.
Open mike free style webradio, all languages spoken.

Yo! We are neighbours!

Ymere Headquarters is at
De Ruyterkade 7
In the Port Building (Havengebouw)
The tall building on the other side of Central Station
M2M tacticial media service


An exchange of Afghan thoughts

***  Listen here to the full program of Friday 7th of November. ***

The latest news is that our brother Miloud Fritass is in a life threatening sitiuation. He is in detention centre Alphen aan den Rijn, and Justice wants to deport him back to Morocco. His ticket is ready for Wednesday 12th of November. This must be stopped! Before Miloud kills himself.

We will also talk about our monument at Schiphol Oost. And how we can convince the mayor to embrace it. We will meet him next week!

Our special guests this evening are  Jun Julien Matsushita, coordinator of the Radio Connect Project of Internews Europe and his partner Wais Zahir of  Nai, supporting open media in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s 37 independent local radio stations will be put online through a platform which will enable them to collect advertising and sponsorship over the Internet. All Afghan local independent stations, including those located in some of the most remote areas of the country, will be given new opportunities and new skills to develop their business and increase their revenue.

Wais and Babak have a long discussion on religion and history (and a bit about sex)

Radio Teranga
Special appearance of Selle Diop on CD!
latest news from Goma and Kinshasa (DRC) by are correspondent Steve Wembi.

And we warmly welcome el payaso Daniel from Buenos Aires, a.k.a. Suuz the Clown.
Nice audio from the demonstration of African sin-papeles in Madrid too.

And Tati is back!

And Muppet takes it away again!

This evening on M2M Radio

Sous l’arbre a palabre de Radio Teranga

sous couvert de M2M radio)

Ousmane Ndione reports from Madrid on the fate of two Senegalese brothers. One of them died after a fight with knives. He was killed by Spanish white guys. The police first wanted to see his ID, before calling an ambulance. African and Arab youth joined forces to defend and attack… Yousef, youth worker in Madrid comments: “The problem is cultural, is discrimination.”
We meet Balla Thaim (Wolof) in Dakar.

Steve Wembi, our new correspondent reports from Kinshasa, Congo, on migration and China.

We celebrate with Mustapha Mujahid that he finally gets his residence permit, like the other survivors of the Schiphol Fire!

We receive Sarah van Sonsbeeck, who is mapping the sounds and silence on IJburg from the Blue House. Walk about with her on Saturday 27th of September from 12 o’clock, starting from the Blue House. On IJburg. Warning: she is going for the extremes.
And another guest is Vincenzo who shows his network Mocambos in Brazil and Mozambique. It’s a network of communities of the Quilombos. (Portugues)  Frida understands that!

Jalan Jalan festival on the Timorplein, Indische Buurt, Amsterdam. Jos Zandvliet aan de lijn.

mboole moi doole! Cherrak definitely needs a lap top. And Jo wants a bicycle. Who does NOT want a laptop? And a bicycle! Sakho sez: grijs. Muppy is the cable guy, playing cool. Where is Irene? Frida is early with her lovely food. Muit obrigada! Sarah van Sonsbeeck heeft net nog meegegeten. Noise Works. De regen maakt IJburg weer waterstad. Jamming with Sakho and Vincenzo. Then arrived Jaromil, and both Manolo‘s. Real Freaknet Brothers. Djerreudjef

Radio M2M is back

The big holiday migration is coming to an end. The troops are rolling in Georgia. The boats continue to cross the Mediterranean. Migrants are moving in and out of countries, continents and prisons.
We start this Friday evening 15th of August at 7 pm with fresh ideas and energy. We are celebrating the liberation of Joke. She investigated the prison regiem in Nieuwersluis for almost 6 weeks.

We meet Ousmane in Madrid a Senegalese migrant with a vision.
And we invite all Schiphol People to come together and prepare for the third commemoration of the Schiphol Fire.

Join us!
Mboole moi Dole!

Jo, Welcome in Madrid

In Madrid we have a . (Spanish)
And a radio programme on wednesday evening, from 21.30 till 22.30 (No borders). Alcira interviewed me
And the (Black Panthers): auto-integration of the Afro-Spanish tribe. Music, Video and Party!

And I found this poem:

Je suis étranger, je pleure
I’m a stranger, I cry

Je suis un noir et j’en suis fier
Je le dis, ma couleur de peau soulève de colère
Je suis un sans papier, j’ai la rage
Je le dis, ma situation politique dérange
Je gagne ma vie dans la rue, je regrette
pourtant je ne veux pas d’ennui
Il faut que je le crie, je suis un cabris mort
Tu peux éguiser ton couteau, j’aurais pas peur
J’ai déjà affronté la mort
Je suis venu en patera
Et, tu ne m’as pas redonner la vie
Si tu crois que je vais ceder tu as tort
Il faut que je le cris
Je l’ai déjà ecrit sur les murs de la police
Je suis un cabris mort
J’ai déjà vaincu la peur

I’m a stranger, I cry
I’m a stranger, I cry, cry

the more you move the more you learn
no matter who you are
the more you live the more you earn
no matter where you are
I know my aim,
I’m still the same;
I’m not ashamed to cry

by Ousmane El hadji NDIONE
Lavapiés, enero de 2008

I had a converstation with Ousmane, in French.
Ousmane El hadji NDIONE lives in Madrid, in the neighbourhood Lavapies. He is 27 and came from Senegal more than a year ago. He only had a transit visum, so he is in fact a “sans papiers”.
His first surprise when he came to madrid, was to meet so many Africans and so many others.

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