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Brian Conley: Alive in Baghdad, Arrested in China

Brian Conley is one of the persons behind the information project , which brings weekly authentic videos from Iraqis in Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

Brian is also one of the people arrested in China after protests.

“Brian went to China to document pro-Tibet protests taking place concurrent with the Olympics. He was not participating in political actions, only documenting them as any journalist would. On August 19, 2008, he was arrested by Chinese authorities for this work, along with 5 others working with , Jeff Rae (who also works with Alive in Baghdad), James Powderly, Jeff Goldin, Michael Liss, and Tom Grant.

Under China’s repressive government it is illegal to record expressions of free speech and work as a journalist without state supervision.

Listen to a conversation between Brian Conley and Jo van der Spek of Streamtime.
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