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Crisis, what crisis?

So we live ina time of change. The time of Obama, faced with a global financial and economical crisis. We are reminded of the 1930’s, and how fascism and nazism blossomed of it. Nowadays, we realize that migrants aret he easy target of popular and political fears and angers. Politicians hesitate to question inhuman treatment of migrants. Even less will they analyze their own argument for excluding people and depriving them of basic human rights.

While migrants and their organizations are struggling in a world wide campaign for their human rights, we are faced with a clear and double danger: the crisis itself, which will affect our capacity to act and the back-lash it may provoke, making xenophobia stronger and more aggressive. And more respectable…

That is why we have to be strong and together, and prepared for worse.

We should reinforce our connections and make more people aware of our reality. A reality of suffering and resistance, like those of us who have gone through detention centers, well know. The reality is that people are there without legal protection, without charge, just because they “don’t belong here”.

We are happy to see students and professors in places like New York and Helsinki reacting in their way to the crisis. And we are happy to see Helsinki protesting against special measures against non-EU citizens.

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Cultural awareness is critical

The United States army is to accept immigrants with temporary US visas, for the first time since the Vietnam war, according to the New York Times. Until now immigrants have had to have permanent residency – a “green card” – in order to qualify for the services. But those with temporary visas will be offered accelerated citizenship if they enrol, the Times says.

The Pentagon hopes the scheme will cover shortages in areas like medical care and language interpretation. Many temporary immigrants will have been granted visas on the basis of their education or skills, so the defence department expects the new recruits to be more qualified than applicants who are US citizens – and in particular to have languages useful in combat zones like Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The American army finds itself in a lot of different countries where cultural awareness is critical,” said Lt-Gen Benjamin C Freakley, the top recruitment officer for the army.

source: New York Times