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Direct actions around Calais

[Al Jazeera saw this]

Calais Migrant Solidarity this morning has received three reports by email of direct actions made in and around Calais in solidarity with the 100s of migrants in the area at the receiving end of constant police harassment and violence.

#1 “Several banners were last night hung from bridges over the A16 Dunkerque-Calais and the A26 Calais-Paris road reading ‘Solidarite avec les migrants’. We took these actions to draw attention to the less publicised conditions of migrants in Dunkerque and along the northern French coast who are forced to live in make shift shelters as they wait a chance to cross the channel to the UK. Many of these people are fleeing persecution and war that the EU is enagaged in. We believe these people have a right to move freely to safety and should be treated with respect not the constant police violence that has been evident these last years, months and particularly last weeks in Calais where migrants have been temporarily detained while their shelters are destroyed, only to be dumped back on the streets again. These state and police actions are inhuman, counter-productive and we believe illegal. No person is illegal – No borders are necessary – Freedom of movement for all”

#2 “The fountain opposite the town hall in Calais was this morning filled with harmless red die to symbolise the blood on the hands of French Immigration minister Eric Besson and UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Besson is the worst kind of politician, flitting from left to right, by his wife’s recent allegations a constant liar and cheat, seeking to advance his own position by standing by as ‘jungles’ in Calais are razed, calling them ‘inhuman conditions’, conditions his policies have created – making people seeking safety and help malnourished, unable to access basic medical care and despite his claims not given the possibility of making asylum claims with due process. Among these people by the police’s own reckoning about half are children, many seeking refuge from the wars we have created. We owe these people dignity, not the ‘delight’ expressed by Johnson as their basic shelters are destroyed and they are displaced yet again. The UK should take responsibility for the human fallout from its illegal wars and let these people into the UK. Calais is the shame of France, the UK and all of Europe. Governments have failed here, only solidarity between people on a human level can make any sense of this brutal daily trauma. No Borders! No Nations! Freedom of movement for all!”

#3 ” In solidarity with the migrants of Calais we would like to report that at around 3.30am this morning the Coquelles police/detention/law court complex south of Calais had it’s main vehicle gate and both pedestrian access gates locked shut with heavy duty chains and padlocks. This was an attempt, however brief it may have lasted, to disrupt the daily dawn mobilisation of CRS police units to terrorise migrants ‘jungles’ and squats with their gas and batons. Enough violence! Enough fascism on the streets of Europe! Fuck Besson! No Borders! No Nations!

Caribbean Paradise Tragedy

By Tjebbe van Tijen,  of Imaginary Museum Projects

A week ago there was yet another news item on a disaster with Haitian  boat migrants of the Caicos Islands in the midst of what is for many  people the period of their summer holidays. Over one hundred people  drowned in the water of what is elsewhere often described as a  Caribbean Paradise.

Recently I have started to study (again) the  migration question as I may construct a mobile monument on the theme  migration without borders somewhere this year…and so I had  discovered some video footage at the web site of the American Coast  Guard  dating back to 2007. It shows a primitive overloaded sailing boat full of migrants in full sea. The video footage is just after  first contact between the migrant-boat and the coast guard and as a  standard precaution procedure swimming vests are given to all boat  people first. So what you see in the work below is already a tiny bit  more safe as the actual situation with a boat full of people without  any safety equipment and many who can not swim.

What gripped me the most was that the people on the boat  in spite  of having been discovered and under threat to be send back  were all  singing to a rhythm beaten on a djembee drum. And in my minds eye I  combined this scene with the promising imagery of tourist flyers.
What can be seen on the simple documented web page made for this  purpose is but a primitive rendering of such a vision

You can click here to see the first of a series of  holidays 2009 tableaux vivants:  Caribbean Paradise Tragedy.

Italy: refugees squat in Bruzzano

After sleeping long periods in dormitories  in Milan and although most of them are officialy recognized as political refugee, some hundreds of African and Asian refugees decided to occupy an empty building in Bruzzano, near Milan City. The rightwing city-authorities sent a mass of police-forces to throw them out of the building on Tuesday 21 april 2009. The refugees protested in Bruzzano and the police reacted with brutal violence as the images [thank you manifesta 18] clearly show. After the first clash they marched to Milan where the police continued to act with surely racist motivated violence.

That night they sleapt in the park near Piazza Venezia and  on Wednesday 22nd of April they organized a manifestation in the center . After another night in the park the police came with huge forces, they encircled the people in less and less space and…brought them to the police headquarters to “identify the people”…an operation already terminated some days before in Bruzzano.
The video gives a clear image of this shocking and repulsive operation.
The refugees accept for the moment a temporary -two weeks- return to the dormitories.
The failing racist municipality will need almost two years to find a normal solution.

Friday 23rd: M2M at SMART Project Space

M2M Radio with Coalesce – Happenstance
January 23rd, a friday evening dinnerparty on air, served from 7 p.m.
in the Chapel of SMART Project Space

M2M Radio is all about migration, the art of moving and of metamorphosis.
We ask “who is migrating, what is moved?”
We look with artists, we look with migrants, we find a way to communcicate
with no borders between us.

The gig is part of the current very cool exhibition

At Coalesce we will meet some of the participating artists to engage in this endeavour
to merge the catastropohe of the Schipohol Fire with the exciting exhibition curated by Paul O’Neill.
With Garrett Phelan and Bob and Roberta Smith and Sophie Hope from Coalesce: happenstance.
Papa Sakho, Muppet, Jennifer, Tati and Jo van der Spek from M2M Radio, Migrant to Migrant.

Irene den Hartoog and Jeanne van Heeswijk from The Blue House

Plus Raviv Ganchrow architect and sound artist

Musical performance by Mustapha Boukhari (Ud and guitar)

In collaboration with The Blue House

Join the SMART meal, Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, The Chapel

Video of action at Zaandam jailboat

The 25th of October a group of activists succeeded in climbing a cage on the territory of the Zaandam jailboats.

These boats are being used for the detention of undocumented people. The activists could make contact with the people inside. A film was made of the action.

The film contains material shot by one of the activists with a mobile phone from the roof of the cage. This clearly shows a prisoner being taken to isolation by the prison riot squad ‘IBT’. If you watch closely, you can see them threatening the man with a baton…

The action ended with the arrest of the activists after 3half hour.

Watch it here:

Or download the 53.6 MB version:

Brian Conley: Alive in Baghdad, Arrested in China

Brian Conley is one of the persons behind the information project , which brings weekly authentic videos from Iraqis in Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

Brian is also one of the people arrested in China after protests.

“Brian went to China to document pro-Tibet protests taking place concurrent with the Olympics. He was not participating in political actions, only documenting them as any journalist would. On August 19, 2008, he was arrested by Chinese authorities for this work, along with 5 others working with , Jeff Rae (who also works with Alive in Baghdad), James Powderly, Jeff Goldin, Michael Liss, and Tom Grant.

Under China’s repressive government it is illegal to record expressions of free speech and work as a journalist without state supervision.

Listen to a conversation between Brian Conley and Jo van der Spek of Streamtime.
more on

Off the record: Confessions of an activist

And proud of it!

Dutch TV on August 14th broadcast (NOVA) some fragments from an interview with an old activist about another old activist. The story is about this guy Wijnand Duyvendak who resigned last week from parliament after confessing a burglary in 1987. And now he wants all activists to make confessions about their past.
If you want to listen to the complete interview (in Dutch), click here.

geachte luisteraars,

ik heb Marcel Ouddeken van NOVA over de vloer gehad over de zaak W. Duyvendak. Ik heb plechtig verklaard dat alle aktievoerders van 50+ en daaronder als een man achter hem staan, maar dat zijn inbraak in het parlement tot teleurstellend weinig onthullingen hebben geleid.

Aangezien NOVA hoogstens twee quotes uitzendt, wat ze vanavond dreigen te doen, als aankeiler voor Femke Halsema, heb ik de complete opname vast on line gezet.

Hoorbaar hier:

en blijf luisteren naar Radio M2M

elke vrijdagavond live

Your prison is illegal

(photo: Ron Swart)

The report of Amnesty International should be made available to the inmates in the detention centers in Holland. With that message we went to the prison boat in Zaanstad and to Schiphol-Oost.
The prison system showed its authentic autistic face by not communicating at all on a human civilized level. Report (Dutch)
Only when we started friendly conversation with the detainees in the “recreational” cage at Schiphol Oost, did we get a reaction. We got away with it, so you can hear our report now.
And Pooja made this video!

We were filming the monument, when the inmates started waving and shouting at us. So we decided to make a dash to get closer to them. before they were forced to interrupt their short moment of fresh air, for communicating with normal people. Whatever that may be…

more (in Dutch) at and