to commemorate the eleven dead and countless survivors of the Schiphol Fire

De herdenking in 2016

Logo of the campaign on the Schiphol Fire
Logo of the campaign on the Schiphol Fire
The commemoration of the Schiphol Fire (26-10-2005) will take place on Monday 26th of October 2009. The Schiphol People will stand together with the eleven dead at their monument at the foot of the fence of the detention complex at Schiphol Oost.

we are here

to make a life again

together as one

The Schiphol Fire that took eleven lives in the night of the 26th of October 2005 is commemorated at the same place and at the same time. At the memorial for the eleven dead migrants that stands at the fence of the detention centre at Schiphol Airport. Survivors and relatives of the dead stand together as one.


The commemoration of 2008

Listen to the Call to come to commemorate on M2M Radio


Hear the Opening speeches by Papa Sakho (English), Niko Sharapov (Dutch), Georgi Kvantrashvili (Russian/Dutch), Ricky (English), Gladys Toekaja (Dutch) and Jennifer (Dutch) and “Don’t stay away“, by Jos Zandvliet.


Photo’s by Rob Nelisse from 2008
Photo’s by Anja Meulenbelt

Auction on Ebay.

Design: anonymus

On sale is the confiscated Poster “Reisbureau Rita, adequaat tot het bittere einde”.

The returns will be used to end the Dutch detention complex.

Rita Verdonk was minister of Immigration Intimidation at the time of the fire.




Tuesday 3rd of November, in De Balie from 5 – 7 p.m.

Live stream!

Presentation of the findings of the enquiries into four dimensions of the Schiphol Fire. With a visual presentation of the Mobile Migration Monument by Tjebbe van Tijen and the final of the Auction of the Rita Poster.

Four workshops to re-think the Schiphol Fire. One is also in English: campaigning dilemma’s: how to change the debate on migration in Holland.

Full program in Dutch. You can register to join the workshop at GSM 0624148872



The campaign Free Ahmed Issa made four theatre pieces to look at the Fire in a different light. Watch the video’s here (in Dutch)

courtesy: video Paul den Hertog of Neomedia
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